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Public Health and Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
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Epidemiology of sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections, in particular HIV and HCV

Public Health

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Prof. M. Prins PhD (Epidemiology and Prevention of Infectious Diseases)

Our research is embedded in the Infectious Diseases Department of the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (PHSA), through which we have access to key populations at risk of infection. Traditionally most of our studies were on HIV infection. In the past decade, research on other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections has become an important component of our research program.

One of the most significant research successes is a set of prospective studies in the Amsterdam Cohort Studies (www.amsterdamcohortstudies.or) on HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM) and people who use drugs. These cohorts began in 1984 and are a collaboration between AMC, PHSA, SHM and Sanquin. The majority of the participants are followed at the PHSA. Epidemiological, psycho-social, virological and immunological data of over 4400 persons have been collected and blood samples – taken every 3-6 months – have been stored. Over the past 30 years >100 PhD theses have been completed based on these data and this work has had significant impact on health policy in the Netherlands and internationally.

This strong expertise in cohort studies greatly contributed to the initiation of the AGEhIV cohort on comorbidity and aging, the MOSAIC cohort on acute HCV in MSM and the PrEP demonstration project (AMPrEP) among high risk HIV negative MSM in recent years.The AMPrEP project, initiated in 2015, evaluates the uptake, acceptability, and usability of  PrEP among HIV negative MSM and transgender people and is integrated in the routine care at  the STI clinic. We are the first health service in the Netherlands to offer PrEP, placing Amsterdam at the forefront of implementation research into PrEP in Europe. Routine data collected at our large STI clinic, Public Health laboratory and travel department are also used for research. We play an active role in the population–based multi-ethnic HELIUS cohort and in international studies.

Our studies focus on the epidemiology and prevention of HIV, viral hepatitis, STI, HPV and travel-related infections. We develop and evaluate off and online interventions. Our research is conducted at the city level, nationally and internationally. Our projects are funded by ZonMW, GGD, RIVM, Aidsfonds, EU and NIH grants. The research program is headed by Prof. Maria Prins. She and  Prof. Henry de Vries, Professor of Skin Infections at the AMC and staff member of the STI clinic of the PHSA, currently supervise 16 PhD students at the PHSA's infectious diseases department. Maria Prins is also heading the infectious diseases network of the Academic Collaborative for Public Health of PHSA , AMC: and stakeholders in the region the Sarphati Initiative (, promoting research partnerships between policy, academic, and public health. The research group participates in CINIMA.

Prof. H.J.C. de Vries MD PhD
R.B. Geskus PhD

F.R. Zuure PhD

S.M. Bruisten PhD
U. Davidovich PhD
A.A. Matser PhD
M.F. Schim van der Loeff MD PhD
G.J.B. Sonder MD PhD

Current research funding
  • Gemeente Amsterdam, GGD
  • ZonMw