Prof. M.L. Essink-Bot † MD PhD

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Focus of research

Diversity in health care


My inaugural lecture (Dec 11, 2013): (in Dutch) (in English)


My mission is to optimize healthcare for all and to reduce healthcare inequities. With my group, I intend to generate and implement high-quality scientific evidence that contributes to providing equal chances of optimal healthcare outcomes to all, especially to low socio-economic status and ethnic minority groups. The public health perspective on the healthcare system is leading; we aim at population healthcare, that is optimal healthcare for the population at large, including patients.

Key issues:
- Healthcare inequalities (e.g., in cancer care)
- Preventive care (incl cancer screening, preconception care, cardiovascular risk management)
- Health literacy
- Ethnic diversity
- Cultural competence



Key publications
  • Essink-Bot ML, Dekker E, Equal access to colorectal cancer screening. LANCET 2016;387 (10020):724-726 [PubMed]
  • Şekercan A, Lamkaddem M, Snijder MB, Peters RJG, Essink-Bot ML, Healthcare consumption by ethnic minority people in their country of origin. EUR J PUBLIC HEALTH 2015;25 (3):384-390 [PubMed]
  • Essink-Bot ML, Lamkaddem M, Jellema P, Nielsen SS, Stronks K, Interpreting ethnic inequalities in healthcare consumption: a conceptual framework for research. EUR J PUBLIC HEALTH 2013;23 (6):922-926 [PubMed]
  • van de Vathorst S, Willems D, Essink-Bot ML, The contribution of the capabilities approach to reconciling culturally competent care and nondiscrimination. AM J BIOETHICS 2013;13 (8):47-48 [PubMed]
  • Fransen MP, von Wagner C, Essink-Bot ML, Diabetes self-management in patients with low health literacy: Ordering findings from literature in a health literacy framework. PATIENT EDUC COUNS 2012;88 (1):44-53 [PubMed]
All Publications
Curriculum Vitae

Febr 2013 - today:  Professor of Public Health, AMC - University of Amsterdam
June 2010 - today:  'Opleider' Sociale Geneeskunde (registered trainer of public health physicians)
May 2008 - Febr 2013:  Associate Professor, dept. of Public Health, AMC - University of Amsterdam
Sept. 2007- Sept 2008:  Scientific secretary of Dutch Health Council (Gezondheidsraad), The Hague
1987 - 2008: PhD student, postdoc,  assistant professor, dept. of Public Health, Erasmus MC Rotterdam 
1985-1987:  Resident in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Kerkrade (‘St. Jozef ziekenhuis’) and Rotterdam (‘St Clara Ziekenhuis’)

2010 Trainer medical specialists in public health ('opleider Sciale Geneeskunde')
2009 Basic Teaching Qualification (‘Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs’)
2006-2007 Management Qualification (‘Leergang Management Kwalificatie’), Erasmus University Rotterdam
1995 PhD Erasmus University Rotterdam (promotor: Prof. Dr. P.J. van der Maas; thesis: Health status as a measure of outcome of disease and treatment)
1994 Registered as Public Health physician (‘arts voor Maatschappij en Gezondheid')
1993 Registered as epidemiologist (‘Epidemioloog A’)
1985 Medical doctor degree (‘Artsexamen’, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht)
1978 Gymnasium β (Corderius College, Amersfoort)

2014- present: cochair of WEO Expert Working Group  ‘Coalition to reduce inequities in colorectal cancer screening’
2013 - 2015:  C2ME (Cultural Competence in Medical Education)
2012 - present: COST ADAPT (European working group on diversity-sensitive health care)
2012- present:  Steering committee EUPHA section Migrant Health
2009 Academia of Finland (committee member for judging research proposals Culture and Health)
2007- 2009 Associate Editor Quality of Life Research ( IF = 2,1)
2003-2005 ECOSA (Int. Network Costs and Disabilities in Injury research)
1998-2002 Projectleader BIOMED project Disability Weights for diseases; International Burden of Disease Network
1990–1997 EuroQoL group

Ph-D Theses supervised 
December 10, 2015: promotor of Marielle Jambroes: The public health workforce - an assessment in The Netherlands
March 25, 2015:  promotor of Floor van Rosse: Ethnic inequalities in patient safety in Dutch hospital care
March 12, 2014: promotor of Conny Seeleman: Cultural competence and diversity responsiveness: how to make a difference in healthcare?
June 29, 2013:  copromotor of Majda Lamkaddem: 'Explaining health and healthcare utilisation of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands: a longitudinal perspective'
December 15, 2011: copromotor of Marleen Schoonen: Prenatal screening for Down syndrome and for structural congenital anomalies in the Netherlands
November 4, 2011: Copromotor of Tim Damen: Technical, psychological and economic aspects of DIEP flap breast reconstruction
October 13, 2010: Copromotor of Karien van den Bergh: Quality of life effects of lung cancer screening
March 31, 2010: Copromotor of Mirjam Fransen: Ethnic differences in decision-making on participation in prenatal screening for Down syndrome
Dec 9, 2009: Copromotor of Roderick van den Bergh: Active surveillance in localized prostate cancer
Nov 25, 2009: Copromotor of Esther de Bekker-Grob: Discrete Choice Experiments in health care
Jan 24, 2007: Copromotor of Joanna Madalinska: Psychosocial and quality of life issues in prostate and ovarian cancer
Nov 23, 2005: Copromotor of Ida Korfage: Localized prostate cancer and quality of life 

 Research grants obtained
2014 Dutch Cancer Foundation Equal opportunities for informed participation to colorectal cancer screening for individuals with low health literacy
2013 Europees IntegratieFonds Optimizing participation to colorectal cancer screening for people of non-Western ethnic origin 
2013 ZonMW Effective information on colorectal cancer screening for low health literate persons
2013 Erasmus Programme C2ME (Cultural Competence in Medical Education
2013 ZonMw Effective preconception care for women with low health literacy 
2012 Dutch Cancer Foundation Quality of care for ethnic minority patients with colorectal cancer
2011 ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research & Development): Differential cost-effectiveness of health promotion in the Netherlands requires appropriate and valid measures of health literacy
2011 Zonmw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research & Development): Revision ‘Arts van de Wereld’
2010 ZonMw (Nationaal Programma Ouderenzorg) De kwetsbare oudere van allochtone herkomst op de juiste weg naar voorzieningen voor zorg en welzijn
2010 ZonMw (Health Services Research) Evidence-based cultural competent care
2010 ZonMw (Nationaal Programma Ouderenzorg) Cross-cultural adaptation of the 'minimal dataset' for use in elderly migrants
2009 Diabetesfonds (Stem van de patient): Optimizing self mangement by patients with DM2 and low health literacy in general practice
2009 Dept. of Health: Ethnic differences in patient safety
2008 Health Care Inspectorate: Explorative study of ethnic and socio-economic differences in patient safety
2008 Astmafonds: Develpent of a programme for culturally competent pediatric asthma care 
2007 KWF Kankerbestrijding: Population preferences for different screening strategies for colorectal cancer in the Netherlands: a discrete choice experiment.
2007 RIVM, Centrum voor Bevolkingsonderzoek: Complete and honest information on benefits value and risks of population screening for breast cancer
2007 RIVM, Centrum voor Bevolkingsonderzoek: Evalaution of offering prenatal screening on Down's syndrome
2006 RIVM, Centrum voor Bevolkingsonderzoek: Monitoring en evaluation of informing potential participants to pre- and neonatal screening
2006 ZonMW 6330.0021 A new programme for prenatal screening for Down syndrome in the Netherlands: informed participation and non-participation , and fewer side effects
2004 CvZ: Evaluation of the success of screening on congeneital defects
2004 KWF: Development of information on PSA screening
2003 ZonMW 945-03-045 HTA Description and evaluation of the burden of diagnostic interventions
2001 ZonMW 945-10-042 Societal preferences for money and health
2000 KWF Kankerbestrijding EUR2000-2329: Long-term health-related quality of life in prostate cancer – frequency and importance of of side-effects of primary treatment; and the implications for the evaluation of prostate cancer screening.
2000 ZonMW 945-10-022. ‘Construction of a Dutch pediatric utility function for the HUI3’
2000 ZonMW 2200-0094 ‘Societal and normative criteria in the evaluation of prevention'

2015 - today: coordinator in developing New Bachelor in Medicine at AMC-UvA
2014- today: Coordinator bachelor module 3.2 (Health & Healthcare) Medical Informatics 
2014 - today: Dedicated Master Docent
2009-today: Coordinator longitudinal theme ‘Diversity’ in Curius (curriculum AMC/UvA medical school)
2000-2004 Teaching course 'Organisation of Dutch health care' for MDs from outside the European Union
1999-2008 Dept of Public Health, Erasmus MC Rotterdam: lecturing and coordination of Public Health education of undergraduate students 


Research programmes

Prof. M.L. Essink-Bot † MD PhD (Diversity and quality of care)

Prof. M.L. Essink-Bot † MD PhD
Dr. I. Rupp

Dr. M.P. Fransen PhD

Other research related activities
  • Opleider Arts voor Maatschappij en Gezondheid, AMC
  • Membership of editorial board / Editorship, NEDERLANDS TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR GENEESKUNDE
  • (part-time) outside employment, Other
  • Board of directors / Trustees / Supervisory board, Concilium koepel artsen Maatschappij en Gezondheid (KAMG)
  • Board of directors / Trustees / Supervisory board, NVAG (Artsen Bleid, Management en Onderzoek)