R.B.J. Kraan MSc

PhD student
Main activities
Imaging Sports Related Injuries of the Upper Extremity
Focus of research

 Musculoskeletal radiology; MRI; Sports-related Injuries; Injury Prevention;

Key publications
  • Kraan RB, Beers L, van de Pol D, Daams JG, Maas M, Kuijer PP, A systematic review on posterior circumflex humeral artery pathology: sports and professions at risk and associated risk factors. J SPORT MED PHYS FIT 2018;ahead of print [PubMed]
  • Kraan RB, Walstra FE, Teunis T, Smithuis F, van Dijke CF, Maas M, Emergency and Trauma of Hand and Wrist. SEMIN MUSCULOSKEL R 2017;21 (3):240-256 [PubMed]
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