S.J. Pinto-Sietsma PhD

Medical Specialist
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Patient care, Research
vascular medicin with special attention in premature atherosclerose and miRNA research
Focus of research


Our focus on research is on premature atherosclerosis.

Fifty percent of all individuals, whom die of cardiovascular disease, are older than 80 years of age. This means, that cardiovascular disease is a disease of older age. Whenever young individuals develop cardiovascular disease, for instance a myocardial infarction at the age of 40 years, this is very unusual. This is called premature atherosclerosis. Likely, this person will have accelerated atherosclerotic disease. Sometimes this occurs in several family member of one family, suggesting a genetic predisposition for accelerate atherosclerotic disease.

Our main focus is on unravelling the underlying mechanisms responsible for accelerate atherosclerosis from an epidemiological, genetic and basic science point of view. Secondly, we try to estimate the risk family members have for accelerated atherosclerosis, since due to their young age the standard risk models cannot be used.

For that matter we have developed a premature atherosclerosis family outpatient clinic, in which we counsel patients and family members on cause, treatment and risk of cardiovascular disease.




Key publications
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  • Mulders Ties A., Sivapalaratnam Suthesh, Stroes Erik S. G., Kastelein John J. P., Guerci Alan D., Pinto-Sietsma Sara-Joan Asymptomatic Individuals With a Positive Family History for Premature Coronary Artery Disease and Elevated Coronary Calcium Scores Benefit From Statin Treatment A Post Hoc Analysis From the St. Francis Heart Study JACC. Cardiovascular imaging 2012;5 (3):252-260 [PubMed]
  • Mulders Ties A., Nieuwdorp Max, Stroes Erik S., Vink Hans, Pinto-Sietsma Sara-Joan Non-invasive assessment of microvascular dysfunction in families with premature coronary artery disease International journal of cardiology 2013;168 (5):5026-5028 [PubMed]
  • van Rijsingen Ingrid A. W., Bakker Annemieke, Azim Donija, Hermans-van Ast Johanna F., van der Kooi Anneke J., van Tintelen J. Peter, van den Berg Maarten P., Christiaans Imke, Lekanne dit Deprez Ronald H., Wilde Arthur A. M., Zwinderman Aeilko H., Meijers Joost C. M., Grootemaat Anita E., Nieuwland Rienk, Pinto Yigal M., Pinto-Sietsma Sara-Joan Lamin A/C mutation is independently associated with an increased risk of arterial and venous thromboembolic complications International journal of cardiology 2013;168 (1):472-477 [PubMed]
  • Sondermeijer Brigitte M., Bakker Annemieke, Halliani Amalia, de Ronde Maurice W. J., Marquart Arnoud A., Tijsen Anke J., Mulders Ties A., Kok Maayke G. M., Battjes Suzanne, Maiwald Steffi, Sivapalaratnam Suthesh, Trip Mieke D., Moerland Perry D., Meijers Joost C. M., Creemers Esther E., Pinto-Sietsma Sara-Joan Platelets in patients with premature coronary artery disease exhibit upregulation of miRNA340* and miRNA624* PLoS ONE 2011;6 (10):e25946 [PubMed]
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S.J. Pinto-Sietsma PhD (unraveling premature cardiovascular disease)

Prof. J.J.P. Kastelein MD PhD (Vascular Medicine)

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  • U. Boulund
  • L. Valerio
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  • Stichting AMC Foundation
  • Stichting Amsterdams Universititeitsfonds