S.J. Tamminga PhD

Assistant Professor
Main activities
Occupational health; oncology
Focus of research

My research focuses on enhancing the work participation of cancer survivors and on the prevention of occupational and work-related diseases. I am working with a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research designs.

Key publications
  • Tamminga Sietske J., de Boer Angela G. E. M., Verbeek Jos H. A. M., Frings-Dresen Monique H. W. Breast cancer survivors' views of factors that influence the return-to-work process - a qualitative study Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health 2012;38 (2):144-+ [PubMed]
  • Greidanus M. A., de Boer A. G. E. M., de Rijk A. E., Tiedtke C. M., Dierckx de Casterlé B., Frings-Dresen M. H. W., Tamminga S. J. Perceived employer-related barriers and facilitators for work participation of cancer survivors: a systematic review of employers' and survivors' perspectives Psycho-oncology 2018;27 (3):725-733 [PubMed]
  • Greidanus M. A., de Boer A. G. E. M., Tiedtke C. M., Frings-Dresen M. H. W., de Rijk A. E., Tamminga S. J. Supporting employers to enhance the return to work of cancer survivors: development of a web-based intervention (MiLES intervention) Journal of cancer survivorship 2020;14 (2):200-210 [PubMed]
  • Tamminga Sietske J., Coenen Pieter, Paalman Carmen, de Boer Angela G.E.M., Aaronson Neil K., Oldenburg Hester S.A., van Leeuwen Flora E., van der Beek Allard J., Duijts Saskia F.A., Schaapveld Michael Factors associated with an adverse work outcome in breast cancer survivors 5–10 years after diagnosis: a cross-sectional study Journal of cancer survivorship 2019;13 (1):108-116 [PubMed]
  • de Boer A. G. E. M., Greidanus M. A., Dewa C. S., Duijts S. F. A., Tamminga S. J. Introduction to special section on: current topics in cancer survivorship and work Journal of cancer survivorship 2020;14 (2):101-105 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Prof. M.H.W. Dresen PhD (Occupational Diseases; Etiology and prevention of work-related diseases)

Prof. J.K. Sluiter PhD (Medical selection and medical guidance of workers)

A.G.E.M. de Boer PhD (Chronic disease and work)