S.L. Yong

Laboratory technician
Main activities
Focus of research

Kidney transplantation Immunology

Key publications
  • van de Berg PJEJ, Griffiths SJ, Yong SL, Macaulay R, Bemelman FJ, Jackson S, Henson SM, ten Berge IJM, Akbar AN, van Lier RAW, Cytomegalovirus Infection Reduces Telomere Length of the Circulating T Cell Pool. J IMMUNOL 2010;184 (7):3417-3423 [PubMed]
  • Hertoghs KML, Moerland PD, van Stijn A, Remmerswaal EBM, Yong SL, van de Berg PJEJ, van Ham SM, Baas F, ten Berge IJM, van Lier RAW, Molecular profiling of cytomegalovirus-induced human CD8+ T cell differentiation. J CLIN INVEST 2010;120 (11):4077-4090 [PubMed]
  • van Stijn A, Rowshani AT, Yong SL, Baas F, Roosnek E, ten Berge IJM, van Lier RAW, Human cytomegalovirus infection induces a rapid and sustained change in the expression of NK cell receptors on CD8+ T cells. J IMMUNOL 2008;180 (7):4550-4560 [PubMed]
  • van Leeuwen EMM, de Bree GJ, Remmerswaal EBM, Yong SL, Tesselaar K, ten Berge IJM, van Lier RAW, IL-7 receptor alpha chain expression distinguishes functional subsets of virus-specific human CD8+ T cells. BLOOD 2005;106 (6):2091-2098 [PubMed]
  • Rowshani AT, Uss A, Yong SL, van Lier RAW, ten Berge IJM, Effects of CD25 monoclonal antibody on proliferative and effector functions of alloactivated human T cells in vitro. EUR J IMMUNOL 2004;34 (3):882-899 [PubMed]
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