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Publications Dr. S.M. Hermans MSc PhD

Scientific staff member (UD)
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Research, Patient care
Infectious Diseases Epidemiology
Focus of research

My research interests include the epidemiology of HIV and tuberculosis co-infection, in particular recurrent tuberculosis, and operational research into the implementation of optimal strategies of health care delivery in sub-Saharan Africa.

My current research projects include epidemiological analyses of a decade of data on tuberculosis in the City of Cape Town, South Africa, and Kampala, Uganda. My particular interest is to determine the burden of recurrent TB using deterministic linkage techniques. I also investigate the impact of public health interventions such as antiretroviral therapy and Xpert MTB/RIF on population level TB notification rates. I am the principal investigator of a TB case finding study in rural Tanzania funded by TB Reach (WHO Stop TB department), and am the lead clinical investigator on a universal HIV test & treat programme in the same area.

I am involved in the mentorship of students at various levels: bachelorthesis BSc Medicine (AMC) and the Global Health Elective course (VUMc). I am the co-supervisor of two PhD students undertaking research into TB epidemiology in South Africa and Mozambique.


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