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cell biology of immune cells


  • Souwer Y, Groot Kormelink T, Taanman-Kueter EW, Muller FJ, van Capel TMM, Varga DV, Bar-Ephraim YE, Teunissen MBM, van Ham SM, Kuijpers TW, Wouters D, Meyaard L, de Jong EC, Human T(H)17 cell development requires processing of dendritic cell-derived CXCL8 by neutrophil elastase. J ALLERGY CLIN IMMUN 2018;141 (6):2286-2289 [PubMed]


  • Dhawan S, de Palma G, Willemze RA, Hilbers FW, Verseijden C, Luyer MD, Nuding S, Wehkamp J, Souwer Y, de Jong EC, Seppen J, van den Wijngaard RM, Wehner S, Verdu E, Bercik P, de Jonge WJ, Acetylcholine-producing T cells in the intestine regulate antimicrobial peptide expression and microbial diversity. AM J PHYSIOL-GASTR L 2016;311 (5):G920-G933 [PubMed]


  • de Wit J, Jorritsma T, Makuch M, Remmerswaal EBM, Klaasse Bos H, Souwer Y, Neefjes J, ten Berge IJM, van Ham SM, Human B cells promote T-cell plasticity to optimize antibody response by inducing coexpression of T(H)1/T(FH) signatures. J ALLERGY CLIN IMMUN 2015;135 (4):1053-1060 [PubMed]


  • Souwer Y, de Wit J, Muller FJM, Bos HK, Jorritsma T, Kapsenberg ML, de Jong EC, van Ham SM, Response Priming of human naive CD4(+) T cells via CD5 costimulation requires IL-6 for optimal Th17 development. BLOOD 2012;119 (20):4812-4813
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  • de Wit J, Souwer Y, van Beelen AJ, de Groot R, Muller FJM, Klaasse Bos H, Jorritsma T, Kapsenberg ML, de Jong EC, van Ham SM, CD5 costimulation induces stable Th17 development by promoting IL-23R expression and sustained STAT3 activation. BLOOD 2011;118 (23):6107-6114 [PubMed]


  • de Wit J, Souwer Y, Jorritsma T, Klaasse Bos H, ten Brinke A, Neefjes J, van Ham SM, Antigen-Specific B Cells Reactivate an Effective Cytotoxic T Cell Response against Phagocytosed Salmonella through Cross-Presentation. PLOS ONE 2010;5 (9):e13016 [PubMed]
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  • van Luijn MM, Chamuleau MED, Thompson JA, Ostrand-Rosenberg S, Westers TM, Souwer Y, Ossenkoppele GJ, van Ham SM, van de Loosdrecht AA, Class II-associated invariant chain peptide down-modulation enhances the immunogenicity of myeloid leukemic blasts resulting in increased CD4+ T-cell responses. HAEMATOLOGICA 2010;95 (3):485-493 [PubMed]


  • Souwer Y. MHC class II antigen presentation by B cells in health and disease. s.l.: s.n.; 2009. 176p. Proefschrift University of Leiden, Faculty of Medicine. (Promotor(s): Neefjes JJ, Meijer CJML; copromotor(s): van Ham SM)
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  • Chamuleau MED, Souwer Y, van Ham SM, Zevenbergen A, Westers TM, Berkhof J, Meijer CJLM, van de Loosdrecht AA, Ossenkoppele GJ, Class II-associated invariant chain peptide expression on myeloid leukemic blasts predicts poor clinical outcome. CANCER RES 2004;64 (16):5546-5550 [PubMed]