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Publications Drs. B.A. Wevers MSc

PhD student
Main activities
Molecular biology, signal transduction, innate immunology
Focus of research

Antifungal immunity. Opportunistic fungi represent a serious health problem by causing systemic life-threatening infections in individuals who are immune compromised, including HIV-1/AIDS and cancer patients. Effective phagocytic clearance of fungal pathogens requires intact Th-17 and Th1 immune responses, for mobilization and activation of neutrophils, respectively. Recognition of fungal cell wall carbohydrates by C-type lectins on human dendritic cells and subsequent cytokine production is crucial for the orchestration of protective T helper cell polarization. We are identifying C-type lectins that interact with different fungal species and how these C-type lectins induce adaptive immunity. In particular we are investigating signaling by C-type lectins such as dectin-1 and dectin-2.


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