Ing. I.A.M. Derks


Ing. I.A.M. Derks

Laboratory technician
Main activities
Apoptosis signaling in immunity
Focus of research

Apoptosis in the immunesystem

Key publications
  • Wensveen FM, van Gisbergen KPJM, Derks IAM, Gerlach C, Schumacher TN, van Lier RAW, Eldering E, Apoptosis Threshold Set by Noxa and Mcl-1 after T Cell Activation Regulates Competitive Selection of High-Affinity Clones. IMMUNITY 2010;32 (6):754-765 [PubMed]
  • Alves NL, Derks IAM, Berk E, Spijker R, van Lier RAW, Eldering E, The Noxa/Mcl-1 axis regulates susceptibility to apoptosis under glucose limitation in dividing T cells. IMMUNITY 2006;24 (6):703-716 [PubMed]
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Prof. dr. E. Eldering (Apoptosis regulation in immuno-hematology)