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PhD student
Main activities
Imaging Sports Related Injuries of the Upper Extremity
Focus of research

 Musculoskeletal radiology; MRI; Sports-related Injuries; Injury Prevention;


  • Kox LS, Kraan RBJ, van Dijke KF, Hemke R, Jens S, de Jonge MC, Oei EHG, Smithuis FF, Terra MP, Maas M, Systematic assessment of the growth plates of the wrist in young gymnasts: development and validation of the Amsterdam MRI assessment of the Physis (AMPHYS) protocol. BMJ OPEN SPORT EXERC MED 2018;4 (1):e000352 [PubMed]
  • Kraan RB, Beers L, van de Pol D, Daams JG, Maas M, Kuijer PP, A systematic review on posterior circumflex humeral artery pathology: sports and professions at risk and associated risk factors. J SPORT MED PHYS FIT 2018;ahead of print [PubMed]
  • Teeuw AH, Kraan RBJ, van Rijn RR, Bossuyt PMM, Heymans HSA, Screening for child abuse by using a checklist and physical examinations in the emergency department led to the detection of more cases. ACTA PAEDIATR 2018;ahead of print [PubMed]


  • Kraan RB, Walstra FE, Teunis T, Smithuis F, van Dijke CF, Maas M, Emergency and Trauma of Hand and Wrist. SEMIN MUSCULOSKEL R 2017;21 (3):240-256 [PubMed]
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