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C. van t Veer PhD

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Inflammation and coagulation
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Inflammation and coagulation are intertwined processes involved in several pathologies such as septic shock. TLR mediated inflammation and TF initiated blood coagulation, and negative regulation of these pathways, have been and are separate foci of the research of van 't Veer. These have condensed to a line of research that studies the role and regulation of blood coagulation during bacterial infections. The research comprises infection models in mice, in vivo sterile inflammation in humans and in vitro studies in whole blood or cells of the immune system of humans and mice. Furthermore structure function research on the TLR regulator IRAK-M and a coagulation inhibitor derived from ticks named TIX-5 (specific inhibitor of the factor Xa activation of coagulation factor V) is performed to get more insight in the processes of respectively immunosuppression and thrombosis/bleeding.        

Key publications
  • van der Meer Jonathan H. M., van der Poll Tom, van 't Veer Cornelis TAM receptors, Gas6, and protein S: roles in inflammation and hemostasis Blood 2014;123 (16):2460-2469 [PubMed]
  • Du Jiangfeng, Nicolaes Gerry Af, Kruijswijk Danielle, Versloot Miranda, van der Poll Tom, van 't Veer Cornelis The structure function of the death domain of human IRAK-M Cell communication and signaling 2014;12 (1):77 [PubMed]
  • Schuijt Tim J., Bakhtiari Kamran, Daffre Sirlei, Deponte Kathleen, Wielders Simone J. H., Marquart J. Arnoud, Hovius Joppe W., van der Poll Tom, Fikrig Erol, Bunce Matthew W., Camire Rodney M., Nicolaes Gerry A. F., Meijers Joost C. M., van 't Veer Cornelis Factor Xa activation of factor V is of paramount importance in initiating the coagulation system: lessons from a tick salivary protein Circulation 2013;128 (3):254-266 [PubMed]
  • van 't Veer Cornelis, van den Pangaart Petra S., Kruijswijk Daniëlle, Florquin Sandrine, de Vos Alex F., van der Poll Tom Delineation of the role of Toll-like receptor signaling during peritonitis by a gradually growing pathogenic Escherichia coli Journal of biological chemistry 2011;286 (42):36603-36618 [PubMed]
  • Goris Marga G. A., Wagenaar Jiri F. P., Hartskeerl Rudy A., van Gorp Eric C. M., Schuller Simone, Monahan Avril M., Nally Jarlath E., van der Poll Tom, van 't Veer Cornelis Potent Innate Immune Response to Pathogenic Leptospira in Human Whole Blood PLoS ONE 2011;6 (3):e18279 [PubMed]
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C. van t Veer PhD (Inflammation and coagulation)

TLR mediated immunity to bacterial infections

Role of blood coagulation during bacterial infections

Structure function of IRAK-M

Role of factor Xa mediated factor V activition in thrombosis/bleeding

Prof. T. van der Poll PhD (Pathophysiology of sepsis)