H. Klumpen MD PhD


H. Klumpen MD PhD

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Medical oncology
Focus of research

Rare GI cancers:


1. Primary livercancer:

    a) hepatocellular carcinoma

    b) intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma


2. Biliary tract cancer

3. Neuroendocrine neoplasm


Research activity mainly in clinical trials (Phase II and III) and retrospective analysis


Key publications
  • Belkouz Ali, Labeur Tim A., Dierks Joeri, Dijk Frederike, van Oijen Martijn G. H., Verheij Joanne, van Gulik Thomas M., van de Vijver Marc J., Wilmink Hanneke, Punt Cornelis J. A., Klümpen Heinz-Josef Prognostic immunohistochemical biomarkers of chemotherapy efficacy in biliary tract cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 2019;141:82-94 [PubMed]
  • Abou-Alfa Ghassan K., Meyer Tim, Cheng Ann-Lii, el-Khoueiry Anthony B., Rimassa Lorenza, Ryoo Baek-Yeol, Cicin Irfan, Merle Philippe, Chen YenHsun, Park Joong-Won, Blanc Jean-Frederic, Bolondi Luigi, Klümpen Heinz-Josef, Chan Stephen L., Zagonel Vittorina, Pressiani Tiziana, Ryu Min-Hee, Venook Alan P., Hessel Colin, Borgman-Hagey Anne E., Schwab Gisela, Kelley Robin K. Cabozantinib in patients with advanced and progressing hepatocellular carcinoma New England journal of medicine 2018;379 (1):54-63 [PubMed]
  • Dierks J., Gaspersz M. P., Belkouz A., van Vugt J. L. A., Coelen R. J. S., de Groot J. W. B., ten Tije A. J., Meijer W. G., Pruijt J. F. M., van Voorthuizen T., van Spronsen D. J., Rentinck M., ten Oever D., Smit J. M., Otten H. M., van Gulik T. M., Wilmink J. W., Groot Koerkamp B., Klümpen H. Translating the ABC-02 trial into daily practice: outcome of palliative treatment in patients with unresectable biliary tract cancer treated with gemcitabine and cisplatin Acta oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden) 2018;57 (6):807-812 [PubMed]
  • Klümpen Heinz-Josef, Samer Caroline F., Mathijssen Ron H. J., Schellens Jan H. M., Gurney Howard Moving towards dose individualization of tyrosine kinase inhibitors Cancer treatment reviews 2011;37 (4):251-260 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae



Heinz-Josef Klümpen

July 2019



Name:                         Heinz-Josef Klümpen


Address:                     Westerdok 488, 1013BH Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Telephone:                 +31 (0) 20 5665 955     (work)

                                    +31 (0) 20 4195 542   (home)


Email:                         h.klumpen@amcsterdamumc.nl


Date of Birth:             5th June 1969


Nationality:                German


Languages Spoken:   German, English, Dutch, French and Spanish





Secondary                     Gymnasium Geldern, Germany

                                      Final Exam 1988

Tertiary                          Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf Germany,

                                       Final exam in Medicine, April 1990 – December 1996

Subsequent                  Board certified as Specialist in Internal Medicine – Dec 2004

                                    Board certified as Medical Oncologist – October 2005


General Practice Dr. Lankohr, Düsseldorf, August 1993

St. Clemens Hospital Geldern, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Dr. Breinlich, March 1994

City Hospital Düsseldorf, Dept. of Gynaecology, November 1994

Mount Sinai Hospital New York, USA, Dept. of Neurology Dr. Marcus A. Simpson, August – September 1994

COMMUNITY SERVICE                                        

St. Clemens Hospital Geldern, Germany, September 1988 – March 1990


                                      Participant of the 7th joint FECS/AACR/ASCO Workshop on “Methods in Clinical Cancer Research” Flims, Switzerland, 18-24 June 2005


                                    - KWF grant, addition for the extension of the ACTICCA-1 study, Juli 2019

                                    - KWF Grant, data management for clinical trial (ACCTICA-1 study), February 2014

                                    - BAYER Research Grant (SORBE study), November 2013

                                    - KWF travel grant, 2012

                                    - Wyeth Research Grant (I-NET study), April 2009

                                    - BAYER Research Grant (HCC multidisciplinary clinic), May 2009

                                    - Novartis Research Grant (EVAMP study), March 2008

                                    - Pfizer Research Grant, November 2008

                                    - Cancer Institute New South Wales, Fellowship Grant January 2006           


Aug 2008 – current:      Staff member Department of Medical Oncology

                                      Academic Medical Centre, Dept of Medical Oncology, University of Amsterdam


May 2012- Oct 2012:    Full time visiting specialist to European centers for Neuroendocrine tumors

                                    April-May: University Medical Center Groningen, Prof E.G. de Vries

                                    June: Uppsala University Hospital, Prof. S. Welin

                                    July-Aug: Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, Prof. M. Pavel

                                    September: Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, Prof. W. de Herder


Jan 2006 – Aug 2008:   Clinical Fellow, Medical Oncology, Supervisor: Prof H Gurney,MD

                                    Dept Medical Oncology, Westmead Hospital, Westmead, Australia


Oct 03 – Dec 2005:       Medical Oncologist/Advanced Trainee, Medical Oncology

                                      Academic Medical Centre, Dept of Medical Oncology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Supervisor: Prof D Richel, MD


Oct 2004 – Mar 2005:    Advanced Trainee, Medical Oncology

                                     The Netherlands Cancer Institute/ Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Dept Internal Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Supervisor: Prof S Rodenhuis, MD


Jan 2002 –Sept 2003:    Residency in Internal Medicine

                                    University Medical Centre Utrecht, Dept Internal Medicine, Utrecht,The Netherlands

                                    Including: Nephrology, Dialysis, Hematology, Out-patients Clinic, Supervisor: Prof DW Erkelens, MD

Dec 1998 –Dec 2001:    Residency in Internal Medicine

                                    University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

                                    Gelre Clinics, Apeldoorn, Dept of Internal Medicine, Including: General Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Intensive Care, Gastro-enterology, Oncology, Consultancy for Internal Medicine, Tutor: S Smit, MD

Mar 1997 –Nov 1998:    Registrar

                                   The Netherlands Cancer Institute/ Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Dept Internal Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, Hematology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Supervisor: Prof S Rodenhuis, MD

May 1996 –Aug 1996:   Internship

                                    National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, England, Dept of Neurology, Supervisor: Prof McDonald       

Oct 1995 – May 1996:   Internship

                                    City Hospital Düsseldorf, Benrath, Germany, Dept Internal Medicine and Dept of Surgery


PhD graduation 21st March 2012, Title “Personalized medicine of targeted anti-cancer drugs”. Supervisors: Prof JHM Schellens at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Utrecht The Netherlands, and Prof DJ Richel, Faculty of Internal Medicine, University of Amsterdam. Co-supervisors A/Prof H Gurney, University of Sydney, Australia and Dr AM Westermann, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


                                    The Netherlands, BIG-number 39047488001

                                    Australia MPO352726

Teaching activities:                - Accreditation Basic teaching qualification at the University of Amsterdam October 2015

                                               - Part of the University teaching curriculum for 2nd to 5th year medical students

                                               - Supervisor of medical students during research electives

                                               - Supervisor of residents and trainees of Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology

                                               - Lecturer of registered nurses during their specializing training programs at   the University of Amsterdam

Extramural Appointments:

- European leader of the sub-domain on rare biliary tract tumours of the   

  European Reference Network (ERN) on Rare Adult solid Cancers (EURACAN) since 2018

- Member of the national guideline committee for Hepatocellular carcinoma

- Chair of the Dutch hepatocellular carcinoma group (DHCG) foundation 2014-2020

- 2016-2018 Theme leader of Evaluation of cancer care at the Cancer Center Amsterdam

-Member of the steering committee of the Dutch Rare Cancer Platform (DRCP) founded in 2019

-Dutch representative of the COST grant for cholangiocarcinoma (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)


-Certified course: “Good Clinical Practice” March 2009,  BROK re-certification 2-11-2018

-Management course organized by the AMC, 2014/2015, certificate 15-06-2015  

 -Basic teaching qualification, certification 2-11-2018                           


                                    American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

                                    European Society of Medical Oncologists (ESMO)

                                    Netherlands Association of Medical Oncology (NVMO)

                                    Netherlands Association of Internal Medicine (NIV)

                                    European Neuro-Endocrine-Tumor Society (ENETS)

                                    International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA)


Invited Speaker international conferences

  1. E-AHPBA, Amsterdam, “Chemotherapy for gallbladdercancer”, June 2019
  2. AMIOS, Amsterdam Multidisciplinary Interventional Oncology Summit, Amsterdam, Oktober 2018
  3. 5Ds, SIRT voor HCC en ICC; adjuvante chemotherapie bij cholangiocarcinoom, February 2018, NL
  4. AIOSG, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 1st 2017, title: Progress in systemic therapy of advanced HCC
  5. Medical oncology congress of the NVMO, 18th of November 2016, title: “The Cholangiocarcinoma”
  6. AMIOS, Amsterdam Multidisciplinary Interventional Oncology Summit, Amsterdam Sept. 2016, “HCC in the medical oncologist’s perspective”
  7. HCC Master Class, Magdeburg, Germany, 16th of February 2015
  8. EKEP, Barcelona, Spain, September 16-18, 2014: “Chemotherapy in pancreatic NET”
  9. ENETS conference, Barcelona, Spain, March 2014: “Radioembolization in NET”
  10. SORAMIC meeting, Rome, Italy, 8th of February 2014: Doseindividualization of sorafenib in HCC”










Research programmes

Prof. R.A.A. Mathot PhD (Population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) research)

Current research funding
  • BAYER B.V.
  • Bayer AG
  • Exelixis, Inc.
  • IQVIA RDS Netherlands B.V.
  • ITM Solucin GmbH
  • Ipsen Farmaceutica B.V.
  • KWF Kankerbestrijding
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme BV
  • Research Drive BV
  • SIRTeX Technology Pty Ltd.
  • Stichting Sacha Swarttouw-Hijmans
  • Syneos Health UK Limited