MD A. Meißner


MD A. Meißner

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
Clinical Andrologist (EAA) - FEBU - Urologist
Focus of research


Key publications
  • Chikhovskaya J. V., Jonker M. J., Meissner A., Breit T. M., Repping S., van Pelt A. M. M. Human testis-derived embryonic stem cell-like cells are not pluripotent, but possess potential of mesenchymal progenitors Human reproduction (Oxford, England) 2012;27 (1):210-221 [PubMed]
  • Meissner A., Mamoulakis C., Veldink G. J., de la Rosette J. J. M. C. H. Sexual problems in Patients with Cancerin: Ian N. Olver, editors. The MASCC Textbook of Cancer Supportive Care and Survivorship. S.l.: Springer; 2011. p. 127-132, ISBN 9781441912244
  • Meissner Andreas, Mamoulakis Charalampos, de La Rosette Jean J. M. C. H., Pes M. Pilar Laguna Clinical update on testicular microlithiasis Current opinion in urology 2009;19 (6):615-618 [PubMed]
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MD PhD T.M. de Reijke (prostate cancer and bladder cancer daignostics)