MD PhD A.P.J. Vlaar


MD PhD A.P.J. Vlaar

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine
Focus of research

Transfusion related morbidity and mortality in the critically ill

Key publications
  • Vlaar Alexander P. J., Juffermans Nicole P. Transfusion-related acute lung injury: a clinical review Lancet 2013;382 (9896):984-994 [PubMed]
  • Vlaar Alexander P. J., Hofstra Jorrit J., Determann Rogier M., Veelo Denise P., Paulus Frederique, Kulik Wim, Korevaar Johanna, de Mol Bas A., Koopman Marianne M. W., Porcelijn Leendert, Binnekade Jan M., Vroom Margreeth B., Schultz Marcus J., Juffermans Nicole P. The incidence, risk factors, and outcome of transfusion-related acute lung injury in a cohort of cardiac surgery patients: a prospective nested case-control study Blood 2011;117 (16):4218-4225 [PubMed]
  • Vlaar Alexander P. J., Hofstra Jorrit J., Kulik Wim, van Lenthe Henk, Nieuwland Rienk, Schultz Marcus J., Levi Marcel M., Roelofs Joris J. T. H., Tool Anton T. J., de Korte Dirk, Juffermans Nicole P. Supernatant of stored platelets causes lung inflammation and coagulopathy in a novel in vivo transfusion model Blood 2010;116 (8):1360-1368 [PubMed]
  • Peters Anna L., van Hezel Maike E., Cortjens Bart, Tuip-de Boer Anita M., van Bruggen Robin, de Korte Dirk, Jonkers René E., Bonta Peter I., Zeerleder Sacha S., Lutter Rene, Juffermans Nicole P., Vlaar Alexander P. J. Transfusion of 35-Day Stored RBCs in the Presence of Endotoxemia Does Not Result in Lung Injury in Humans Critical care medicine 2016;44 (6):e412-e419 [PubMed]
  • Müller Marcella C. A., van Stein Danielle, Binnekade Jan M., van Rhenen Dick J., Vlaar Alexander P. J. Low-risk transfusion-related acute lung injury donor strategies and the impact on the onset of transfusion-related acute lung injury: a meta-analysis Transfusion 2015;55 (1):164-175 [PubMed]
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MD PhD A.P.J. Vlaar (Transfusion related morbidity and mortality)

Alexander Vlaar has received his MD degree in 2005 from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Groningen and his PhD degree in 2010 from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam. In 2015 he was board certified in Internal Medicine and in 2016 he received European board certification in Intensive Care Medicine. Since 2016, Alexander Vlaar is consultant critical care medicine and principal investigator at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine and at the Laboratory of Experimental Intensive Care and Anesthesiology. 

Focus of Alexanders’ research is transfusion related morbidity and mortality in the critically ill. His research lines consist, among others, of pre-clinical and clinical investigation in the field of antibody and non-antibody mediated transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI). Alexander Vlaar is currently supported by a personal grant from the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (NWO-VENI grant 2013). His research has been awarded with many scientific awards. Recently he received for his work the Heineken Young Scientist Award for Medicine 2014 from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

Prof. MD PhD M.W. Hollmann
Prof. MD PhD N.P. Juffermans
Prof. MD PhD W.S. Schlack
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Prof. MD PhD M.J. Schultz (Prevention and treatment of organ failure in intensive care medicine)

Prof. MD PhD M.W. Hollmann (Organprotection)

Prof. MD PhD N.P. Juffermans (Pathogenesis and treatment of organ failure in the critically ill)

Current research funding
  • Asahi Kasai Pharma America Corp.
  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • InflaRx GmbH
  • Isala
  • Landsteiner Stichting voor Bloedtransfusie Research
  • Sanquin - Unit Transfusiegeneeskunde
  • Sanquin Plasma Products B.V.
  • ZonMw