MD PhD J. Horn


MD PhD J. Horn

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Neurologist - intensivst
Focus of research

1) Acute brain injury with special interest in prediction of outcome (prognostication) and minimisation of secundary brain injury by neuroprotection.

2) ICU acquired weakness with special interest in weakness of the respiratory muscles.


Key publications
  • Bouwes Aline, Binnekade Jan M., Kuiper Michael A., Bosch Frank H., Zandstra Durk F., Toornvliet Arnoud C., Biemond Hazra S., Kors Bas M., Koelman Johannes H. T. M., Verbeek Marcel M., Weinstein Henry C., Hijdra Albert, Horn Janneke Prognosis of coma after therapeutic hypothermia: A prospective cohort study Annals of neurology 2012;71 (2):206-212 [PubMed]
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All Publications
Curriculum Vitae

1994 Medical doctor, cum laude, University of Amsterdam
2001 Doctor of Philosophy, title thesis: ‘Calcium Antagonists in Stroke’
2003 Registration as consultant in neurology
2005 Registration as intensivist

Nov 1994 - Dec 1996 Research physician, dept of neurology, Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam
Dec 1996 - March 1997 Resident neurology, AMC, Amsterdam
April 1997 - May 2001 Resident neurology, MST Enschede
June 2001 – Sept 2002 Resident clinical neurophysiology, Antonius hospital, Nieuwegein
Nov 2002 - May 2003 Resident neurology, UMC Utrecht
May 2003 - Dec 2003 Consultant in neurology, West Fries Gasthuis, Hoorn.
Dec 2003 - Dec 2005 Fellow intensive care, AMC, Amsterdam
Dec 2005 - Neurologist-intensivist, intensive care, AMC, Univ of Amsterdam

1994-2001 Thesis: Calcium antagonists in Stroke.
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. M. Limburg and Prof.Dr. M. Vermeulen, dept of neurology, AMC, Amsterdam. Date of PhD: March 23, 2001
2001-2002 TCD monitoring after carotid endarterectomy. Dept of Neurophysiology Nieuwegein.
2007 - 2012 Severe traumatic brain injury. Steering committee member of POCON study (prospective cohort study in five Dutch trauma centers).
2003 - Brain injury after cardiac arrest.
Principal investigator of two multicenter prospective Dutch cohort studies on prognosis and determination of outcome.
Principal investigator of single center prospective cohort study on safety and feasibility of helium ventilation.
National coordinator and member of steering group of Target Temperature Management (TTM) study
2009 - Intensive Care Unit acquired weakness.
Prinicipal investigator of prospective cohort study on intensive care unit acquired weakness in which diagnostic tests and outcome is studied (collaboration with rehabilitation medicine).
Supervisor of animal model studies on pathophysiology and treatment options.

2006 Hersenstichting Prediction of poor outcome with somatosensory evoked potentials (SSEP) during hypothermia in patients after cardiac arrest
2007 Hartstichting Prognosis of postanoxic coma (PROPACII)
2012 ZonMw Agiko stipendium Complement activation in critical illness neuromyopathy
2013 Nationaal Epilepsie Fonds Electroencephalografic status epilepticus in postanoxic coma: to treat or not to treat

Research programmes

MD PhD J. Horn (Neurology on the Intensive Care Unit)

Two fields at the interface of intensive care medicine and neurology are my research topics: ICU acquired weakness (ICU-AW) and brain injury after cardiac arrest.
ICU-AW is a major problem which leads to increased mortality and disability. We investigated methods to establish the diagnosis early, autonomic nervous system problems and long-term disability. Despite the research of Luuk Wieske (PhD student), early diagnosis is still difficult. A model for a risk score was developed. This is currently validated in a new large cohort of ICU patients (by Esther Witteveen (PhD student)). She also investigates the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic test. As pathophysiology of ICU-AW is unclear we are developing an animal model in the LEICA laboratory. In this model we will investigate the inflammatory mechanisms involved in ICU-AW and the role of complement activation. Finally, the diaphragm seems to be especially sensitive to the harmful effects of mechanical ventilation. Ventilation induced diaphragm dysfunction is a recently recognized entity on the ICU. With the already available knowledge on ICU-AW we will further develop our research into this topic. Monitoring of the electrical activity of the diaphragm will become a major topic of research. Collaboration exists with the department of neurology and rehabilitation of the AMC and the department of physiology of the VUMC (C. Ottenheim). A Doelmatigheidsgrant has been applied for.
In brain injury after cardiac arrest both treatment and optimal prognostication have been studied and will be the topics for the years to come. By optimizing treatment, brain injury can probably be diminished leading to an improved outcome. Both temperature strategies and neuroprotective drugs will be studied. In postanoxic coma, reliable tools to determine the prognosis of the patient have been developed. However, many questions remain. A large (intern)national collaboration exists for this research topic.

Prof. PhD PT R.H.H. Engelbert
PhD N.C. Hauck
MD PhD J. Hofmeijer
Prof. MD PhD M.W. Hollmann
Prof. MD PhD N.P. Juffermans
MD PhD W.K. Lagrand
MSc PhD P.B. Lirk
Prof. MD PhD F. Nollet
Prof. MA MD PhD B. Preckel
Prof. MD PhD M.J. Schultz
MD PhD M.F. Stevens
PhD M. van der Schaaf
Prof. MEng PhD M.J.A.M. van Putten
Prof. PhD I.N. van Schaik
MD PhD C. Verhamme
MEng PhD C.J. Zuurbier

PhD Students
F.M. de Beer
W. ten Hoope

R.P. Kerindongo
A.J. van der Veen
T. Winters

Prof. MD PhD M.J. Schultz (Prevention and treatment of organ failure in intensive care medicine)

Prof. MD PhD M.W. Hollmann (Organprotection)

Prof. MA MD PhD B. Preckel (Patient safety, procedural sedation, cardiovascular protection, optimizing perioperative metabolism, cerebral perfusion, Wireless Monitoring)

Current research funding
  • Monash University Inst. of Graduate Research
  • Neurophyxia B.V.
  • ZonMw