PhD H.P. Kok


PhD H.P. Kok

Research Associate
Main activities
Focus of research

Development and application of hyperthermia treatment planning techniques.

Key publications
  • Kok H. Petra, Crezee Johannes, Franken Nicolaas A. P., Stalpers Lukas J. A., Barendsen Gerrit W., Bel Arjan Quantifying the combined effect of radiation therapy and hyperthermia in terms of equivalent dose distributions International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics 2014;88 (3):739-745 [PubMed]
  • Kok H. P., van den Berg C. A. T., Bel A., Crezee J. Fast thermal simulations and temperature optimization for hyperthermia treatment planning, including realistic 3D vessel networks Medical physics 2013;40 (10):103303 [PubMed]
  • Kok H. P., de Greef M., Borsboom P. P., Bel A., Crezee J. Improved power steering with double and triple ring waveguide systems: The impact of the operating frequency International journal of hyperthermia 2011;27 (3):224-239 [PubMed]
  • Kok H. P., de Greef M., Wiersma J., Bel A., Crezee J. The impact of the waveguide aperture size of the 3D 70 MHz AMC-8 locoregional hyperthermia system on tumour coverage Physics in medicine and biology 2010;55 (17):4899-4916 [PubMed]
  • Kok H. P., de Greef M., Bel A., Crezee J. Acceleration of high resolution temperature based optimization for hyperthermia treatment planning using element grouping Medical physics 2009;36 (8):3795-3805 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae

2007-present: Postdoc researcher on development and application of hyperthermia treatment planning.

2007: PhD thesis 'Treatment planning for locoregional and intraluminal hyperthermia' (University of Amsterdam).

2002-2007: PhD student on a KWF project to develop a new dual modality hyperthermia technique for treatment of cancer at the oesophagus and other intracavitary locations.

2002: M. Sc. Thesis in Computational Science (Utrecht University). Graduation project on adaptive moving mesh methods for reaction-diffusion models from chemistry and biology.

• Project leader of KWF-supported research project UVA 2012-5540: "Towards biological treatment planning in radiotherapy combined with hyperthermia to improve clinical outcome".
  Project leaders: Dr. H.P. Kok, Dr. N.A.P. Franken, Dr. L.J.A. Stalpers.

• Co-project leader of KWF-supported research project UVA 2012-5393: "Active hot spot suppression to improve thermal dose and clinical outcome of locoregional hyperthermia treatment".
  Project leaders: Dr. J. Crezee, Dr. H.P. Kok, Dr. L.J.A. Stalpers.

2012: ESHO Rosner Award (11th ICHO meeting, Kyoto, Japan).
2012: Poster Presentation Award (11th ICHO meeting, Kyoto, Japan).
2009: ESHO Student Award (25th ESHO meeting, Verona, Italy).
2007: Editor's Award from the International Journal of Hyperthermia
           (editorial award best paper 2006)
2005: Kim Young Investigator Award (22nd ESHO meeting, Graz, Austria).
2004: Young Investigator Travel Award (9th ICHO meeting, St. Louis, USA).


Research programmes

PhD J. Crezee (Hyperthermia)

Prof. PhD C.R.N. Rasch (Image guided and physics application in the clinic)

Current research funding
  • KWF Kankerbestrijding