Biobanks are increasingly important for conducting state-of-the-art biomedical research. AMC Biobank has been established in 2014 to support researchers in establishing biobanks that meet current ethical and quality standards. As one of the core facilities at the Amsterdam UMC, AMC Biobank provides comprehensive storage services for biological materials as well as services related to logistics and data management. Materials can be tissues, cells, sera, plasma, liquor, urine, feces or molecular fractions, such as DNA and RNA. AMC biobank also is responsible for the central sites for ultra-low temperature freezers in the AMC at G01, Z01 and in the IWO building.

AMC Biobank
Location L01

+31(0)20 56 66499/61719

Amsterdam Biobank closely collaborates with pre-analytic service units at the departments of Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Genetics, and Pathology.

AMC Biobank currently houses more than 75 biobanks and studies, including various Parelsnoer collections, shared with other Dutch university medical centers, the HELIUS study on health differences among the residents of Amsterdam with different ethnic origin, and the MARS study on molecular diagnosis and risk stratification of sepsis.