MD J. Warnink-Kavelaars publications


Publications J. Warnink-Kavelaars MD

PhD Candidate, Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care, Research
MD Staff member department of rehabilitaion medicine AMC/pediatric rehabilitation
Focus of research

The impact of Marfan syndrome on daily life of children and their family.


  • Louwers Annoek, Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica, Daams Joost, Beelen Anita Effects of upper extremity surgery on activities and participation of children with cerebral palsy: a systematic review Developmental medicine and child neurology 2020;62 (1):21-27 [PubMed]


  • Louwers Annoek, van der Molen-Meulmeester Lisanne, van der Horst Chantal, Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica Effectief gebruik van de 'kleine' hand: van fixatie tot greep Nederlands tijdschrift voor handtherapie 2019;28 (1):32-35
  • Louwers Annoek, Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica, Obdeijn Miryam, Kreulen Mick, Nollet Frans, Beelen Anita Handchirurgie bij cerebrale parese: Cerebrale parese (CP) veroorzaakt spasticiteit wat kan resulteren in een balansverstoring van spieren Nederlands tijdschrift voor handtherapie 2019;28 (1):4-9
  • Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica, Beelen Anita, Goedhart Tine M. H. J., de Koning Lisanne E., Nollet Frans, Alsem Mattijs W., Menke Leonie A., Engelbert Raoul H. H. Marfan syndrome in adolescence: adolescents’ perspectives on (physical) functioning, disability, contextual factors and support needs European journal of pediatrics 2019;178 (12):1883-1892 [PubMed]
  • Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica, Beelen Anita, Dekker Sarah, Nollet Frans, Menke Leonie A., Engelbert Raoul H. H. Marfan syndrome in childhood: Parents' perspectives of the impact on daily functioning of children, parents and family; A qualitative study BMC pediatrics 2019;19 (1) [PubMed]


  • Louwers Annoek, Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica, Obdeijn Miryam, Kreulen Mick, Nollet Frans, Beelen Anita Effects of upper-extremity surgery on manual performance of children and adolescents with cerebral palsy a multidisciplinary approach using shared decision-making Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume 2018;100 (16):1416-1422 [PubMed]


  • Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica, Vermeulen R. Jeroen, Buizer Annemieke I., Becher Jules G. Botulinum neurotoxin treatment in children with cerebral palsy: validation of a needle placement protocol using passive muscle stretching and relaxing Developmental medicine and child neurology 2016;58 (12):1281-1287 [PubMed]


  • Warnink-Kavelaars Jessica, Vermeulen Roland Jeroen, Becher Jules Guilhelmus Study protocol: precision of a protocol for manual intramuscular needle placement checked by passive stretching and relaxing of the target muscle in the lower extremity during BTX-A treatment in children with spastic cerebral palsy, as verified by means of electrical stimulation BMC pediatrics 2013;13:129 [PubMed]


  • Young L. R., Hecht H., Lyne L. E., Sienko K. H., Cheung C. C., Kavelaars J. Artificial gravity: head movements during short-radius centrifugation Acta astronautica 2001;49 (3-10):215-226 [PubMed]
  • Kingma H., Kavelaars J., van Tienen N., Caris R. Evaluation of the Statolith Function by Measurement of Ocular Counterrolling? Oto-Rhino-Laryngologia Nova 2001;11:68-79
  • Kavelaars J., Tamsma J. T., Meinders A. E. Hypernatremia in a non insulin dependent (type 2) diabetic patient with central diabetes insipidus Netherlands journal of medicine 2001;58 (3):150-154 [PubMed]
  • Hecht H., Kavelaars J., Cheung C. C., Young L. R. Orientation illusions and heart-rate changes during short-radius centrifugation Journal of vestibular research 2001;11 (2):115-127 [PubMed]


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