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Medical Specialist
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Patient care, Other
Emergency care, MedEvac, cardiac anesthesiology, Hyperbaric medicine, loco-regional anesthesia,
Focus of research

myocardial protection, preconditioning, postconditioning, mechanisms of anesthetic induced tissue protection


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  • Frässdorf Jan Anesthetic induced cardioprotection: from bench to bedside and retour 2012. 318p. ISBN 9789088914928. [UvA Dissertations Online] University of Amsterdam. (Supervisors: Hollmann M. W., Schlack W. S.; Co-supervisors: Hauck N. C., Preckel B.)
  • Preckel B., Eberl S., Fräßdorf J., Hollmann M. W. Management von Patienten mit pulmonaler Hypertonie Anaesthesist 2012;61 (7):574-77, 580-7 [PubMed]


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  • Fräßdorf Jan, Huhn Ragnar, Niersmann Corinna, Weber Nina C., Schlack Wolfgang, Preckel Benedikt, Hollmann Markus W. Morphine induces preconditioning via activation of mitochondrial K(Ca) channels La morphine provoque le préconditionnement par l'activation des canaux mitochondriaux K(Ca) Canadian journal of anaesthesia = Journal canadien d'anesthésie 2010;57 (8):767-773 [PubMed]
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