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PhD Candidate
Main activities
Allergy immunotherapy - recombinant technology
Focus of research

My research focuses on the development of next generation birch pollen immunotherapy. The main goals are improvement of the efficacy and reduction of side effects by using nano delivery systems and novel adjuvants to target the antigen presenting cells of the immune system. These cells have been shown to play a crucial role in establishing adaptive immunity and skewing an existing allergic Th2 response to a tolerant Th1/Treg response.


  • van der Kleij Hanneke P. M., Warmenhoven Hans J. M., van Ree Ronald, Versteeg Serge A., Pieters Raymond H. H., Dreskin Stephen C., Knulst André C., Hoffen Els van, Opstelten Dirk Jan E., Koppelman Stef J., Smit Joost J. Chemically modified peanut extract shows increased safety while maintaining immunogenicity Allergy 2019;74 (5):986-995 [PubMed]