Anesthesiology (research)

The Department of Anatomy, Embryology and Physiology has a national reputation of high standing which has continued to increase and gain more international accreditation, both in Europe and the United States. The department has made major efforts to encompass new themes and angles of approach for research, wishing not to stagnate by too narrow a focus, but expand and encompass new ideas.

Incessant motivation and inspiration of young researchers is the key driver in achieving our goals. We will build up a top center on organ protection as well as on local anesthetics and signal transduction, allowing a translational approach within both research lines to get into new therapeutic strategies.

Research lines
The department of Anesthesiology focusses on two main research lines: Cardioprotection is aligned with AMC’s main focus on cardiovascular diseases, and within our research, we set up several translational studies aiming to verify the in vitro and in vivo observed cardioprotective actions of helium and remote ischemic pre- and postconditioning in humans. Anesthetics and signal transduction is aligned with AMC’s emphasis on inflammation and immunology. Within this area, we will further study basic mechanisms and clinical outcome of the anti-inflammatory action of local anesthetics. Furthermore, we will focus on the effects of anesthetics on tumor biology.

Current research

  • Cardiovascular
  • Inflammation - Molecular Mechanisms of anesthetics
  • Clinical Research