Ear, Nose and Throat (research)

The Department of Dermatology, together with its subdivision Netherlands Institute for Pigment Disorders (SNIP) and affiliated STI outpatient clinic of the Municipal Health Service Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam), is recognized nationally and internationally as a research oriented clinical department.

At the moment in the ENT research in the AMC, two groups are doing research: Air and Food canal (IMM ODP 13) and Hear and Balance ODP-5. Right now some cancer thesis research is preformed in cooperation with NKI/AVL, partly with a clinical and partly translational approach.

Key issues of the ENT research are found in allergy and chronic upper airway diseases, nasal polyps, audiology and otology. Some ENT residences perform scientific research in the NKI-AVL hospital.

  • Research labaratorium KNO Research
  • Audiologie Gene expression profiling to predict outcome after chemoradiation in HNSCC
  • Luchtwegfysiologie na totale laryngectomie en de invloed van warmte- en vochtuitwisselaars
  • ODP 13: Pathologie van de bovenste adem- en voedselweg
  • Interleukine-10 en de regulatie het nasale immuunsysteem
  • Etiologie van neuspoliepen
  • Relatie bovenste en onderste luchtwegen
  • Etiologie en behandeling van chronische rhinosinusitis
  • Interaction between allergens and the nasal mucosal immune system
  • Functionele analyse van mucosale dendrische cellen


De afdeling KNO werkt op onderzoeksgebied nauw samen met het Nederlands Kanker Instituut / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek ziekenhuis.