Orthopaedic Surgery (research)

The mission is to gain understanding of pathological processes and effects of interventions in joints and bones with the aim to improve diagnosis tools and interventions, with special emphasis on sports related problems and ankle pathology.

The goal is to improving the quality of the orthopaedic care. The questions derived from the quality assessment of clinical processes drive the clinical, basic and applied research. The ambition of the department of orthopaedic surgery is to work at the scientific frontline. The future prospect is to develop the other research themes in the clinical interest areas oncology and paediatric orthopaedics.

Research lines

The research line addresses the diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders, from the perspective of basic science and the clinical process. Basic science, involves the biomechanics and biology of joint disorders and fractures, with focus on the function of joint structures, diagnosis of pathologies, including fractures and the effects of interventions. The joints of interest are the ankle, knee, hip and the wrist. There is a special interest in the development of arthroscopic techniques. The clinical process involves the development of diagnostic tools and conservative or surgical interventions, clinical trials evidence based medicine and outcome measures in orthopaedic surgery.



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