Public Health (Research)

The ambition of the Department of Social Medicine is to conduct and disseminate high quality research in the field of public health, health promotion and health services research.

We study at the health of populations and we are particularly concerned with specific groups such as migrants or those with low education. We aim to understand how the health of people is influenced by social and environmental factors, how preventive policies and programs could improve their health, and how health care services could be more responsive to their needs.

Our research programmes include:
Prof.dr. Anton Kunst Preventive policies and trends in population health
Prof.dr. Karien Stronks Complexity and dynamics underlying health inequalities
Dr. Janneke Harting Health promotion for disadvantaged populations
Dr. Tanja Vrijkotte Early origins of overweight and cardiovascular functions
Dr. Irene van Valkengoed Social inequalities in cardiovascular health
Dr. Mary Nicolaou Social and cultural epidemiology of dietary behaviour
Dr. Mirjam Fransen Health care and prevention for individuals with low health literacy
Dr. Jeanine Suurmond Equity and responsiveness in care for underserved groups
Dr. Dionne Kringos Development of primary care systems in changing contexts
Prof.dr. Johan Legemaate / Dr. Corette Ploem Health Law