Information concerning medical examination for your employees

The importance of a medical assessment after a stay in the tropics. Many companies and (non-)governmental organizations (IGOs / NGO’s) organize routine medical assessments for their employees after their stay in the tropics. By doing this, diseases potentially contracted during their stay may be detected at an early stage. Typical tropical infections, such as an infection with the parasite Schistosoma, non-existent here in Europe, can be detected before development of symptoms. If such infections are detected and treated too late, more serious complications may develop and cause chronical illness. The tropical medical assessment is not just about disease detection however, there are more aspects of tropical life that can have lasting negative effects. For example, a change in lifestyle and diet, or a psychological trauma encountered in drastically different cultures or environments can lead to complaints and diseases. Early signals of such developing complications can also be picked up during the assessment. A specialized tropical medical assessment focused on specific risk factors provides valuable preventative health care.

Who are we? What else do we do?

The Centre of Tropical and Travel Medicine of the Amsterdam University Medical Centre (Amsterdam UMC, previously the Academic Medical Centre or AMC), is renowned for its expertise in the treatment of diseases that are common the (sub-)tropics but rare in our climate.  Apart from clinical work, we also do research on tropical diseases and are involved in education of doctors in the Netherlands as well as abroad.  We also inform and advise healthy people going to the tropics and administer  the advised vaccinations.  We also vaccinate at-risk people with chronic diseases, especially those with immunological disorders.

We work in a dedicated team of six internationally working senior doctors including two professors, several junior doctors, and specialized nursing staff.

Why choose the Centre of Tropical and Travel Medicine of the Amsterdam UMC?

All medical specialisations present

At the Amsterdam UMC every medical specialisation is represented and at very high clinical standards. For your employees it may be convenient and more efficient if a follow-up visit to another specialist or an examination such as a colonoscopy is at the same hospital.

Excellent laboratory of Clinical Parasitology

In the tropics infectious diseases caused by parasites are much more common in the tropics relative to the Netherlands. Our laboratory of Clinical Parasitology is considered leading in this context as we are a leader in diagnostics of parasitological infections and contributes to our status as a national referral  centre.  Because of the ongoing research into the improvement of diagnostic techniques in our laboratory, your employee can be confident that no parasitological diagnosis will be missed because of lack of technique, skills or the latest cutting-edge knowledge.


Every week an update is made of beginning and ongoing outbreaks of infectious diseases all over the world (epi-alerts) made out of the combination of different information sources (Promed mail, ECDC, CDC and WHO). This assures us that we are always aware of new outbreaks anywhere.

Medical assessment after a stay in the tropics

We have a longstanding experience and expertise in performing medical examinations for companies and IGOs / NGOs. We offer these organisations tailored contracts according to the needs of our clients. When you contact us, we can discuss and advise what will be appropriate for your situation.

The type of medical examination your employees need depends on the country (and specific parts of the country) in question, the length of stay, activities and age.

The standard medical examination consists of an extensive health questionnaire that employees fill in prior to their visit. During the visit the answers will be discussed and a physical examination will include weight, pulse and blood pressure measurements. The doctor will perform a physical examination. Urine and blood tests and  parasitological examination of the stool is included. An electrocardiogram will be performed in persons of 40 years and older.

Extra services and care

Referrals or additional tests

If clients need to consult other medical specialists or need an additional test that cannot be done at that time, in general the next appointment can be made immediately.

Service for your company doctor: contact around the clock

The tropical medicine doctors in our hospital are available 24/7 for our company doctor colleagues to discuss and answer questions. We consider this not only as good service but also as a medical necessity, since we are providing care to clients all over the world who work in different time zones.