Rules for guidance during your hospital visit

We are determined to keep our hospital safe. We do this for you, your loved ones and our employees. In order to comply with social distancing guidance, we ask you to come to your appointment alone, if you can. In doing so, we minimalize the risk of infection with the Corona virus.


If you don’t feel comfortable going to your appointment alone, one person is allowed to accompany you. Examples are underage patients who are allowed to bring one of their parents. People in a wheelchair may take someone with them too. The companion can be asked to wait somewhere else during your appointment. Please read our rules for guidance carefully.

Preparing for a doctor’s appointment

We understand that it can be difficult to attend an appointment alone. The following tips will make it easier for you and your doctor to cover everything you need to talk about.

  • Write down what you want to tell or ask your doctor at home. Perhaps a partner, family member or friend can think along with you. Take your notes with you to your appointment.

  • Ask if you can record the conversation with your doctor. You can use your mobile phone for this.

  • You can also call someone during the appointment to listen in.

  • Are there any medical terms you are not familiar with, or is something unclear? Ask for an explanation.

  • Don't have a phone with you? At the end of the conversation, ask the doctor to repeat the main points and write them down together.