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Application of non-invasive molecular neuroimaging techniques to advance Translational Neuroradiology in the broadest sense of the word (translations from structure to function, from invasive-to non-invasive, from animal to human, from group to individual and from adults to children). This unique and very innovative line of research provides insight into the risks of benefit and harm (evidence based medicine) of psychotropic drugs and medicines on the brain (in development) and its application in personalized medicine.


Key publications
  • Schrantee Anouk, Tamminga Hyke G. H., Bouziane Cheima, Bottelier Marco A., Bron Esther E., Mutsaerts Henk-Jan M. M., Zwinderman Aeilko H., Groote Inge R., Rombouts Serge A. R. B., Lindauer Ramon J. L., Klein Stefan, Niessen Wiro J., Opmeer Brent C., Boer Frits, Lucassen Paul J., Andersen Susan L., Geurts Hilde M., Reneman Liesbeth Age-Dependent Effects of Methylphenidate on the Human Dopaminergic System in Young vs Adult Patients With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial JAMA psychiatry 2016;73 (9):955-962 [PubMed]
  • Schrantee Anouk, Václavů Lena, Heijtel Dennis F. R., Caan Matthan W. A., Gsell Willy, Lucassen Paul J., Nederveen Aart J., Booij Jan, Reneman Liesbeth Dopaminergic system dysfunction in recreational dexamphetamine users Neuropsychopharmacology 2015;40 (5):1172-1180 [PubMed]
  • van der Marel Kajo, Klomp Anne, Meerhoff Gideon F., Schipper Pieter, Lucassen Paul J., Homberg Judith R., Dijkhuizen Rick M., Reneman Liesbeth Long-term oral methylphenidate treatment in adolescent and adult rats: differential effects on brain morphology and function Neuropsychopharmacology 2014;39 (2):263-273 [PubMed]
  • Klomp A., Caan M. W. A., Denys D., Nederveen A. J., Reneman L. Feasibility of ASL-based phMRI with a single dose of oral citalopram for repeated assessment of serotonin function NeuroImage 2012;63 (3):1695-1700 [PubMed]
  • Reneman L., Booij J., de Bruin K., Reitsma J. B., de Wolff F. A., Gunning W. B., den Heeten G. J., van den Brink W. Effects of dose, sex, and long-term abstention from use on toxic effects of MDMA (ecstasy) on brain serotonin neurons Lancet 2001;358 (9296):1864-1869 [PubMed]
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Prof. L. Reneman (Translational Neuroradiology)

Investigating the effects of drugs of abuse and medications (such as ecstasy, amphetamine, chemotherapy, methylphenidate and antidepressants) on brain and behavior using a highly multidisciplinary and translational approach is at the heart of the 'Translational Neuroradiology' group. Current lines of research involve application of innovative molecular imaging methodologies to study the effects of drugs on the developing human brain non-invasively. This unique line of research provides insight into benefit and harm (evidence based medicine) of frequently prescribed psychotropic medications and its application in personalized medicine.

Dr. Reneman is the co-founder of the Brain Imaging Center (BIC). The BIC aims to structure and combine all the available knowledge in the field of neuroimaging at the AMC into one center of expertise. She is the AMC Brain Imaging research program leader of the new research organization of the AMC‐UvA‐VUmc-VU ‘Neuroscience Amsterdam’. With her research group Dr. Reneman also participates in the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC) priority programme of the UvA, an interdisciplinary institute for cognition research.


A.G.M. Schrantee PhD

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