Prof. PhD L.J.A. Stalpers

Medical Specialist, Full Professor
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
Radiation Oncology (chair residents training program "opleider")
Focus of research

Dr. Stalpers' clinical focus is gynaecological oncology and brain tumors. His related focus of research in experimental radiotherapy is the study of effects and side-effects of irradiation. He is chair op the AMC radiation-oncology residents training program (opleider).

Key publications
  • Stalpers Lukas J. A., Nelemans Patty J., Geurts Sandra M. E., Jansen Erik, de Boer Peter, Verbeek André L. M. The indication area of a diagnostic test. Part I--discounting gain and loss in diagnostic certainty Journal of clinical epidemiology 2015;68 (10):1120-1128 [PubMed]
  • Stalpers Lukas J. A., Nelemans Patty J., Geurts Sandra M. E., Jansen Erik, de Boer Peter, Verbeek André L. M. The indication area of a diagnostic test. Part II--the impact of test dependence, physician's decision strategy, and patient's utility Journal of clinical epidemiology 2015;68 (10):1129-1137 [PubMed]
  • van Linde Myra E., Verhoeff Joost J. C., Richel Dirk J., van Furth Wouter R., Reijneveld Jaap C., Verheul Henk M. W., Stalpers Lukas J. A. Bevacizumab in combination with radiotherapy and temozolomide for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme oncologist 2015;20 (2):107-108 [PubMed]
  • Oei Arlene L., van Leeuwen Caspar M., ten Cate Rosemarie, Rodermond Hans M., Buist Marrije R., Stalpers Lukas J. A., Crezee Johannes, Kok H. Petra, Medema Jan Paul, Franken Nicolaas A. P. Hyperthermia Selectively Targets Human Papillomavirus in Cervical Tumors via p53-Dependent Apoptosis Cancer research 2015;75 (23):5120-5129 [PubMed]
  • Krawczyk Przemek M., Eppink Berina, Essers Jeroen, Stap Jan, Rodermond Hans, Odijk Hanny, Zelensky Alex, van Bree Chris, Stalpers Lukas J., Buist Marrije R., Soullié Thomas, Rens Joost, Verhagen Hence J. M., O'Connor Mark J., Franken Nicolaas A. P., ten Hagen Timo L. M., Kanaar Roland, Aten Jacob A. Mild hyperthermia inhibits homologous recombination, induces BRCA2 degradation, and sensitizes cancer cells to poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibition Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2011;108 (24):9851-9856 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae

Lukas Stalpers, MD, PhD, is one of the leaders of the theme ‘Clinical Therapy Development’ of the Cancer Centre Amsterdam. He is a professor of translational radiotherapy at the AMC Department of Radiotherapy with a special focus on tumours of the small pelvis. He studied medicine at the Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL (1978-1985) where he got his PhD-degree on ‘clinical decision making in oncology (1991), and his training in radiation oncology (1995). He was a junior researcher in epidemiology at Sunnybrook Health Siences Center, University of Toronto (1993), and did a fellowship in neuro-oncology at UCSF San Francisco (1994-1995). Since 1995, he his staff member in radiation oncology at the AMC-University of Amsterdam.

   As principal investigator of six third party grants, most from KWF-Dutch Cancer Foundation, he is involved in translational research in pelvic tumours, particularly in gynaecological cancer. Together with a team of physicists, radiobiologists and clinician, he works on methods to improve radiation precision, to improve tumour controls i.e. by combined modality treatment of radiation with chemotherapy, hyperthermia and targeted drugs, and to reduce radiation toxicity. One of the Holy Grails of his group is to develop a biological radiation treatment planning program wherein all three scopes are unified which will allow a better prediction and improvement of tumour control and reduction of late toxicity.

   He further is chair of the AMC radiation residents training program, responsible for the training of ten residents, and member of the AMC Board of the Central Education Committee (COC). He is married and has three children, and he is the pianist of an amateur piano quartet. He is a non-smoker and an activist against the three main preventable causes of health problems and deaths in The Netherlands: poverty, tobacco abuse (a.o. Stichting Rookpreventie Jeugd), and illiteracy.

Research programmes

Prof. PhD L.J.A. Stalpers (Translational radiotherapy in patients with pelvic tumors)

Ongoing projects (update 17 Sep 2016)

Vanderes project ; AMC METC 03/147 Assessment of aberrations in Premature Condensed Chromosomes (PCC) in cervical carcinomas after radiotherapy with cisplatin or hyperthermia. Principal investigators: Dr. Klaas Franken, dr. Lukas Stalpers en dr. Marrije Buist.
   This project (together with project KWF UvA 2005-3228) was awarded 2012, Feb 13. with the Cozarelli-prize of the USA National Academy of Sciences for a 2011 PNAS paper of outstanding excellence and originality (see Krawzcyk et al., 2011)

KWF-project UvA 2008-4019: Investigation of a gene set classifier for late radiation toxicity in prostate cancer patients. Principal investigators: dr. Klaas Franken AMC-UvA, dr. Harry Vrieling, LUMC, and dr. Lukas Stalpers, AMC. PhD-students: ir. Bregje van OOrschot.

KWF-project VU 2010-4874. Targeting resistance to radio-chemotherapy by inhibition of the PI3Kinase-Akt signalling pathway. Principal investigators: dr. Peter Sminia, VUmc, dr. Lukas Stalpers, AMC, and dr. Brigitta Baumert, MUMC-Maastro. PhD-student: drs. Ravi Narayan

KWF project UVA 2011- 5393: Active hot spot suppression to improve thermal dose and clinical outcome of locoregional hyperthermia treatment. Project leaders dr. J. (Hans) Crezee, dr. Petra Kok, dr. Lukas J.A. Stalpers. Post-doc: dr. Petra Kok

KWF project UVA 2012-5540: Towards biological treatment planning in radiotherapy combined with hyperthermia to improve clinical outcome. Project leaders: dr. Petra Kok, Dr. N. (Klaas) A.P. Franken, dr. Lukas J.A. Stalpers. PhD-students: drs. Caspar van Leeuwen, drs. Arlene Oei.

CCMO #39945, AMC METC 2012-104 (internal funding): The MPAC-study: a pilot for correlation of MRI diagnostic imaging and PAthological imaging of primary tumor extension in patients with cervix tumors. (Co)promotores: prof. Coen Rasch, prof. Gemma Kenter, dr. Lukas Stalpers. PhD-student: Peter de Boer, AGIKO.

KWF-project UVA 2014-7179. MRI based hyperthermia treatment planning. Principal investigators: dr. J. (Hans) Crezee, dr. Astrid van Lier (UMCU), dr. Lukas J.A. Stalpers. PhD-student: Mick Bennis, Soraya Gavazzi. Grant: € 572.500,-

KWF-project UvA 2015-7820: Sensitization of radiotherapy and cisplatin of cervical cancer by combined PARP1-inhibition and hyperthermia (PIs: N. Franken, L. Stalpers, J. Crezee) € 485.000,-

PhD Students
MD R. Davila Fajardo

Prof. PhD C.R.N. Rasch (Image guided and physics application in the clinic)

Current research funding
  • KWF Kankerbestrijding