Prof. M. van Vugt PhD

Medical Specialist, Full Professor
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
internal medicine-infectious diseases
Focus of research

Integrated malaria control- Rwanda, Malawi

HIV-resistance- 7 different African countries

Travel related diseases- Neteherlands

Quality control in outpatient consultation -AMC (consultation of the future)

Key publications
  • Sigaloff Kim C. E., Calis Job C. J., Geelen Sibyl P., van Vugt Michèle, de Wit Tobias F. Rinke HIV-1-resistance-associated mutations after failure of first-line antiretroviral treatment among children in resource-poor regions: a systematic review Lancet infectious diseases 2011;11 (10):769-779 [PubMed]
  • Wieten Rosanne W., Harting Janneke, Biemond Pieter M., Grobusch Martin P., van Vugt Michèle Towards improved uptake of malaria chemoprophylaxis among West African travellers: identification of behavioural determinants Malaria journal 2013;12 (1):360 [PubMed]
  • Kateera Fredrick, Mens Petra F., Hakizimana Emmanuel, Ingabire Chantal M., Muragijemariya Liberata, Karinda Parfait, Grobusch Martin P., Mutesa Leon, van Vugt Michèle Malaria parasite carriage and risk determinants in a rural population: a malariometric survey in Rwanda Malaria journal 2015;14 (1):16 [PubMed]
  • Wieten Rosanne W., van der Schalie Maurice, Visser Benjamin J., Grobusch Martin P., van Vugt Michèle Risk factors and pre-travel healthcare of international travellers attending a Dutch travel clinic: a cross-sectional analysis Travel medicine and infectious disease 2014;12 (5):511-524 [PubMed]
  • Kabaghe Alinune N., Visser Benjamin J., Spijker Rene, Phiri Kamija S., Grobusch Martin P., van Vugt Michèle Health workers' compliance to rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) to guide malaria treatment: a systematic review and meta-analysis Malaria journal 2016;15 (1):163 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae




1979 -1983 VWO-B "Eerste Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum"
in The Hague, The Netherlands
'A' Levels: Dutch, English, French, Greek, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry


1985 -1989 Health Sciences, Catholic University Nijmegen,
The Netherlands
Registered epidemiologist A
- methods of collecting data in epidemiological research
- statistical analysis on the P.C.
- epidemiology of infectious diseases
- multivariate analyse-technics
- survival and screening
- management of healthcare
- international aspects of healthcare


1990 -1994 Medicine, Catholic University Nijmegen,
The Netherlands
Registered physician


1995 - 1999 PhD – Artemether-lumefantrine, a new treatment combination for multi-drug resistant falciparum malaria


2005 Registered internist; registered infectious diseases specialist

2018 Nominated Professor-Internal Medicine, in particular community centered controle of tropical infections



Apr. 1994 - Aug.1994 Clinical period in a health-post in Managua, Nicaragua


Jan. 1995 - Aug.1995 Clinical experience in internal medicine


Aug.1995 - Sept.1999 Medical researcher/ physician
Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU), Mae Sot, Thailand


Apr.2000 – Oct. 2005 Specialisation Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine and AIDS (internist/ infectiologist)


Oct.2005 – Jan. 2009 Chief Medical Officer PharmAccess/ Internist-infectiologist at Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam


Jan.2009 – present Internist-infectious diseases specialist at Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands




Aug.1988 -Dec.1988 " Contribution à l'étude de la mortalité, la morbidité et le traitement des maladies diarrhéiques dans le cercle de Niono, Mali"
Epidemiological research towards the incidence and mortality of diarrhoea with children less than five years old in Niono, Mali.
Together with a KAP- enquete on behalf of diarrhoea
PHC-project, Segou, Mali
supervisors Dr.R.Dubbeldam


Febr.1989 -March 1989 " De invloed van het milieu op de gezondheid van de mens"
Literature-study about the influence of the environment to the healthcare of the people
NIPG-TNO, Leiden, The Netherlands
supervisor Dr.B.Bannenberg


Aug. 1989 -Dec.1989 " De aanstaande moeder, haar pasgeboren kind en malaria"
Statistical analysis of data, collected in Burkina Faso.
Together with a pilot-study in Cameroun
Transmission of antibodies of malaria from mother to child
supervisors Dr.J.A.M. van Druten


Apr. 1994 -Aug.1994 Leadpoisoning among pumpattendants, Managua, Nicaragua 1994
supervisors Dr.C.Morales Bonilla


Aug. 1995-Aug.1999 Medical researcher/ physician
Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU), Mae Sot, Thailand- Wellcome-Mahidol University Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Programme
promotores Prof. Dr. P. Kager
Prof. Dr. N.J. White


Jan. 2006- present Supervisor: PharmAccess African Studies to Evaluate Resistance (PASER) – Creating an International Network on HIV Drug Resistance in Africa
Jan 2010- present Supervisor: Travel Medicine- improvement of existing guidelines for travellers and immuncompromised patients


Jan 2011- present: PI- Empowering the community towards malaria elimination- Rwanda


March 2014- present: co-PI Majete Malaria Project- Malawi


Research programmes

Prof. M. van Vugt PhD (Multidisciplenary approach towards malaria elimination/eradication with community mobilisation)

Although achievements have been reached towards malaria morbidity and mortality there is a need for transdiciplinary approach of integrated malaria control implementing novel strategies with focus on community mobilisation

Prof. M.P. Grobusch PhD (Ongoing Research Projects (Selection) as of November 2011)