S.J.G. Geelen MSc

PhD student
Main activities
Research, Patient care
Clinical Healthcare Research | Patient Mobility | Inhospital patient care
Focus of research

Hospitalization of a patient is commonly associated with functional decline, as can be observed in the patients’ muscle strength, independent mobility and the ability to perform activities of daily living. Multiple studies show that promoting physical activity and encouraging early mobility positively influences patients’ length of stay, independence in their activities of daily living and likelihood of returning home. Within my PhD project the goal is to determine whether the multidisciplinary mobility promotion quality improvement project Beter Bewegen would increase the physical activity and mobility of patients admitted to a surgical, neurological and medical department.

Key publications
  • Geelen SJG, Valkenet K, Veenhof C, Construct validity and inter-rater reliability of the Dutch activity measure for post-acute care "6-clicks" basic mobility form to assess the mobility of hospitalized patients. DISABIL REHABIL 2018;ahead of print [PubMed]
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