Studying Medicine at the University of Amsterdam

Each year, approximately 350 first-year students begin their study of medicine at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It is required that you speak Dutch fluently if you want to apply for Medical School at the UvA, since all lectures are given in Dutch. The number of applicants for medicine exceeds the number of available places (numerus fixus). You can be admitted into Medical School via selection.

Admission and selection (only in Dutch).

Bachelor programme

In the Bachelor programme much attention is paid to current and future medical developments. This means lots of geriatric medicine, community medicine and family medicine. Here, the Faculty uses different and innovative teaching methods, such as team-based learning and digital education. The bachelor programme is 3 years. The programme is structured according to four themes. These themes come back every year. In each theme a patient and his/her disease is presented centrally. Throughout the entire curriculum there is a focus on academic skills and professional development.

The themes:

  1. Development, reproduction and aging -> human development, divided into three stages of life: "childhood and adolescence ',' maturity 'and' old age ';
  2. Perceiving, thinking and acting -> diseases and problems of the peripheral and central nervous system, sense organs and the locomotor system;
  3. Circulation and interior environment -> diseases and problems of three organ systems, heart, lungs and kidneys;
  4. Regulation and defense -> syndromes and issues surrounding metabolism, hormonal regulation and gastrointestinal tract as well as the themes around defense and infection.

Master programme

The bachelors programme is followed by a master programme of three years. Read more information about the Master programme in Medicine at the UvA (in Dutch)