Lower-extremity biomechanics and injury prevention in health and disease

Diabetic foot disease

Mission of the research and the focus of attention

The mission of our research is to prevent foot ulcers and amputations in people with diabetes.

With our research, we focus on the biomechanical and behavioural consequences of diabetic foot disease, as well as interventions to improve outcomes. Examples are our studies on custom-made orthopaedic footwear, where we investigate objective biomechanical-based prescription and optimization methodologies, in addition to behavioural interventions to improve adherence to wearing this footwear.

Our research has a strong inter-disciplinary focus, involving all stakeholders relevant to diabetic foot disease. This includes, among others, patient representatives, medical specialists, allied health professionals, shoe technicians, human movement scientists, and health insurance companies.

We are currently coordinating various multicenter trials on this topic, but we are also involved in more fundamental research, as well the writing of (inter)national guidelines and other implementation projects.

Research institutes, (important) partners in research

  • Amsterdam Movement Sciences
  • Other Dutch partners: Ziekenhuisgroep Twente, Maastricht University, Maxima Medisch Centrum, Reinier de Graaf Groep, Voetencentrum Wender, University Medical Center Groningen, University Twente, Fontys Hogeschool
  • International partners: International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF), Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) – United Kingdom, University of Sao Paolo - Brasil, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) – Australia

Researchers, PI

  • PI: Dr. Sicco A. Bus
  • Senior researcher: Dr. Jaap J. van Netten
  • Senior clinicians / researchers: Drs. Tessa E. Busch-Westbroek; prof. dr. Max Nieuwdorp
  • Junior researchers / PhD students: Wouter aan de Stegge, Renske Keukenkamp, Jennefer Zwaferink, Nora Mejaiti, Tim Veneman

5 most important publications

  1. Armstrong DG, Boulton AJM, Bus SA, Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Their Recurrence. NEW ENGL J MED 2017;376 (24):2367-2375 [PubMed]
  2. Jeffcoate WJ, Bus SA, Game FL, Hinchliffe RJ, Price PE, Schaper NC, Reporting standards of studies and papers on the prevention and management of foot ulcers in diabetes: required details and markers of good quality. LANCET DIABETES ENDO 2016;4 (9):781-788 [PubMed]
  3. Bus SA, Waaijman R, Arts M, de Haart M, Busch-Westbroek T, van Baal J, Nollet F, Effect of custom-made footwear on foot ulcer recurrence in diabetes: a multicenter  randomized controlled trial. DIABETES CARE 2013;36 (12):4109-4116 [PubMed]
  4. Bus SA, van Netten JJ, Lavery LA, Monteiro-Soares M, Rasmussen A, Jubiz Y, Price PE, IWGDF guidance on the prevention of foot ulcers in at-risk patients with diabetes. DIABETES-METAB RES 2016;32 (Suppl. 1):16-24 [PubMed]
  5. van Netten JJ, Price PE, Lavery LA, Monteiro-Soares M, Rasmussen A, Jubiz Y, Bus SA, Prevention of foot ulcers in the at-risk patient with diabetes: a systematic review. DIABETES-METAB RES 2016;32 (Suppl. 1):84-98 [PubMed]