BMEP Preclinical Ultrasound

Preclinical Ultrasound VEVO 2100

The VEVO 2100 system from VisualSonics (FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc.) enables the visualization and quantification of small animal anatomical targets, hemodynamics, and therapeutic interventions with resolutions down to 30 micrometer. Because ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive technique it facilitates monitoring and quantification of small animal anatomy and physiology, and evaluation of therapeutic interventions, longitudinally in the same animal.

Available options:
• Heated mouse and rat stages with integrated ECG recording electrodes.
• 24 MHz and 55 MHz transducers.
• B-mode: imaging for anatomical visualization and quantification.
• M-mode: single line acquisition allowing high-temporal resolution for analysis of cardiovascular function.
• PW Doppler Mode: for blood flow velocity and waveform measurements.
• Color Doppler Mode: 2D and color acquisition for blood flow velocity analysis.
• Contrast imaging functionality.

The VEVO 2100 is located in the preclinical MRI laboratory of the Biomedical Engineering and Physics department. The laboratory is equipped animal handling, preparation, and anesthesia facilities, and offers animal housing for longitudinal studies.

Bram Coolen,
Gustav Strijkers,