Based on our expertise in the cardiovascular system and in medical imaging, we contribute to the regular Bachelor's program of the Medical School by providing lectures, working groups and practical courses.

In addition, we organize the course Technology in Medicine (keuzevak 'Techniek in de Geneeskunde') for medical students in their second or third year.

Since biomedical research and health care form major areas for employment of physicist we provide Medical Physics courses for Physics students. Finally, we contribute to the Medical Informatics curriculum. Apart from these regular courses, we offer students of Biology, Medicine, Physics, or related disciplines the possibility to participate in our research as part of their masters program.

A new Master's program 'Physics of Life and Health' has started at the University of Amsterdam and the Free University of Amsterdam in September 2010. This program will be open to students having a Bachelor's degree in either physical or life science disciplines.

Our Ph.D. students are enrolled in the AMC Graduate School. Together with the Graduate School, we provide a tailor-made individual Ph.D. research and training program.