Neuromuscular rehabilitation treatment

Patient-research groups

  • Polio and PPS
  • other slowly progressive neuromuscular diseases (NMD); mainly ALS, PLS and PSMA.

Mission of the research, and the focus of attention

Mission of the research: to improve daily functioning and quality of life of patients of the PRGs by optimizing current neuromuscular rehabilitation treatment

Focus of attention:

  • Mobility and personalized orthotic care
  • Physical fitness and aerobic exercise training
  • Psychological care and cognitive/behavioral interventions
  • Pharmacological treatment

Research institutes, (important) partners in research

  • Amsterdam Movement Sciences (AMS); restoration and development;
  • Spierziekten Nederland;
  • OIM orthopedie;
  • Fior & Gentz;
  • Griffols.

Researchers, PI

  • Frans Nollet PI, MD PhD
  • Fieke Koopman MD PhD
  • Annerieke v. Groenestijn MD PhD
  • Merel Brehm PhD
  • Eric Voorn PhD


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