Prof. Dr. C.B.L.M. Majoie

Research line on neuroradiology and neurovascular diseases: imaging and endovascular treatment of acute stroke

Research is focused on imaging and endovascular treatment of neurovascular diseases including acute ischemic and hemorhagic stroke. In 2010 a multicenter randomized clinical trial was started in close cooperation with the departments of neurology and radiology of the AMC, Erasmus MC and MUMC, evaluating the safety and effectiveness of endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke (MRCLEAN: funded by the Dutch Heart Foundation. The trial was completed in July 2014 and showed that in patients with acute ischemic stroke due to a large vessel occlusion intra-arterial treatment leads to a significant higher rate of functional independence. The results were in published in the NEJM (January,1, 2015) and had a major impact of the treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke worldwide. Advanced image analysis of ischemic stroke is performed in close collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics (AMC). In 2016 a large grant was acquired from the Dutch Heart Foundation for CONTRAST (COnsortium for New TReatments of Acute STroke; in collaboration with Erasmus MC and 17 other hospitals in the Netherlands with additional support from industry (unrestricted grants) and Dutch Brain Foundation.The main aims of CONTRAST are 1. to improve the process of stroke care and achieve faster optimal stroke treatment for more patients; 2. to develop and test new treatments for a broad population of patients with ischemic stroke or ICH; and 3. to broaden the indication for IAT and increase the benefit of this treatment. These aims will be reached through a united effort of basic and clinical scientists. We perform five large acute stroke trials to test novel treatment strategies. We aim to identify patients who will benefit from these interventions through advanced imaging. In November 2017 the H2020 project INSIST (In Silico Trials in Acute Ischemic Stroke; was started. The main goal of INSIST is to realize in silico clinical stroke trials for biomedical products for endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Such trials can significantly contribute to elucidating reasons for negative outcome of treatment, improve medical device and drug development, optimize treatment and speed up implementation of novel treatments of acute stroke.  


Research team

Prof. dr. C.B.L.M. Majoie
Dr. B.J. Emmer  
Dr. R. van den Berg  
Dr. H.A. Marquering
Dr. ir. M.W.A. Caan

PhD students
N. Arrarte Terreros
Drs. L.A. van den Berg MD
B.M.W. Cornelissen MSc

Drs. M.M.A.C. van Doorn MD
Drs. A.E.D. Groot MD
Drs. V. Guglielmi
M. Kappelhof MD
P.R. Konduri
Drs. M.S. Koopman
K.R. van Kranendonk
N.E. LeCouffe
E.L. Leemans MSc

Drs. W.E. van der Steen MD
M.L. Tolhuisen MSc

K.M. Treurniet
L. Václavů MSc
H. van Voorst MD MSc

Key publications

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  • Zinkstok SM, Roos YB, … Majoie CB …Early administration of aspirin in patients treated with alteplase for acute ischemic stroke: a randomised controlled trial; Lancet. 2012 Aug 25;380:731-7. IF 38.2


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