Prof. Dr. J. Stoker

Research line on development and evaluation of imaging techniques for gastro-intestinal diseases

Research line

Abdominal diseases are highly prevalent and imaging plays an important role in the management of patients with these diseases. There is a clear need to further develop abdominal imaging for better tailored treatment using more specific and quantitative information for diagnosis and treatment monitoring.  

Our abdominal imaging research is aimed at development and evaluation of imaging techniques (primarily CT and MRI) for the non-invasive detection, diagnostic workup and treatment monitoring of patients with abdominal diseases. The research ranges from the development of more specific and quantitative methods and techniques to the evaluation of imaging methods (including RCT’s) as well as implementation (including guidelines).

Over the years this research has been of importance in fields such as colorectal cancer (e.g. CT-colonography, MR-colonography) and MRI in diffuse liver diseases. There is an ongoing longstanding research line on MRI in Crohn’s disease, and present research also focusses on MRI of bowel motility, MRI in colorectal liver metastases and MR elastography in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

Research team

Shandra Bipat
Thierry Boellaard
Anneloes Bohte
Kenneth Coenegrachts
Lodewijk Cobben
Marije Deutekom
Annette Dobben
Jasper Florie
Rogier van Gelder
Oliver Gurney-Champion
Margriet de Haan
Karin Horsthuis
Sebastiaan Jensch
Sofieke de Jonge
Floortje van Kesteren
Wytze Laméris
Cristina Lavini
Marjolein Leeuwenburgh
Zhang Li
Marjolein Liedenbaum
Hendrik Marsman
Shira Moos
Robiel Naziroglu
Marije van der Paardt
Carl Puylaert
Adrienne van Randen
Martine Regenboog
Jurgen Runge
Jeroen van Schie
Andre Sprengers
Esther Stoop
Maaike Terra
Jeroen Tielbeek
Charlotte Tutein Nolthenius
Ayso de Vries
Bart Wiarda
Jochem van Werven
Tian Zhang
Manon Ziech
Frank Zijta