The Blood Coagulation and Tumor Biology Research

The ‘blood coagulation in pathophysiology’ research group focuses on the role of individual coagulation factors in inflammation, fibrosis and cancer biology. To this end, we mainly focus on coagulation factor driven protease activated receptor signaling.

Currently, we specifically aim at the role of thrombin in metastasis, the importance of blood coagulation and protease activated receptors in pancreatic cancer, the role of activated protein C in systemic inflammation and metastasis and the importance of protease activated receptors in inflammation and fibrosis.

The program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to address relevant questions at a both the cellular and molecular level. This approach encompasses all aspects of modern molecular biology, including in vitro signal transduction studies, in vivo studies using transgenic mice, cell biology and gene expression analysis.

Members participating in the different projects:

  • C.A. Spek (Principal investigator)
  • K.S. Borensztajn (Post-doc)
  • L.W. Bruggemann (Post-doc)
  • K. de Souza Queiroz (Post-doc)
  • J.W. Duitman (PhD-student)
  • K. Shi (PhD-student)
  • C. Lin (PhD-student)
  • R.R.R. de Sousa (Phd-student)
  • H.L. Aberson (technician)