AMC Research Council

The AMC Research Council advises the Executive Board of AMC on research policy, provides support to researchers wishing to apply for research grants, and facilitates the organization of scientific debate within AMC. Lectures, seminar series and retreats on specific topics are also organized within each theme

Principal Investigators

The scientific careers of talented researchers are stimulated by the ‘Principal Investigator’ system, which challenges them to take up leadership and develop their own lines of research. Currently, there are 650 Principal Investigators in Amsterdam UMC. They can all be found in the separate research theme sections under the heading Who is Who in AMC Research.

AMC Research Themes

    Amsterdam UMC collaborates in eight research institutes. These institutes bring together opinion leading academic research in the field of Health & Life Sciences developed in the Amsterdam Region:

    • Amsterdam Neuroscience;
    • Amsterdam Gastroenterology, Endocrinology & Metabolism;
    • Cancer Center Amsterdam;
    • Amsterdam Reproduction & Development;
    • Amsterdam Infection & Immunity;
    • Amsterdam Public Health;
    • Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences;
    • Amsterdam Movement Sciences.

    AMC Tenure Track

    The AMC aims to belong to the top-10 university medical centres in Europe. Therefore, in 2011 the AMC tenure track programme for very talented researchers was launched and has become a component of research policy and personnel policy. A tenure track candidate is expected to have an excellent track record including awarded prestigious personal grants. The candidate has to be ambitious and show the potential to advance to full professorship within eight years. Both internal and external candidates are eligible to apply. 

    Amsterdam UMC Fellowship

    Every year, one prestigious Amsterdam UMC fellowship is awarded to a very outstanding researcher. This fellowship consists of € 750,000 for the full term of five years (less for a shorter period, on a pro rata basis) and the possibility to join the AMC Tenure Track. 


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