Mission Statement

The Amsterdam UMC approach of multidisciplinary care and research on LSDs has been very rewarding and receives international appreciation. The integration of laboratory and clinical activities regarding LSDs and glycosphingolipids was established in the Amsterdam UMC research theme 'ODP GEMO/04 Glycosphingolipids in Health and Disease'.

After the introduction of the principle investigator system in the Amsterdam UMC, this structure formally ended in 2007. Given the proven benefits, the inter-disciplinary collaboration has been continued and was again formalized in SPHINX Amsterdam Lysosome Center. 

SPHINX' formal kick-off took place at the Trippenhuis on 14 February 2008. SPHINX is an initiative of the departments of Medical Biochemistry, Radiology, Internal Medicine and Paediatrics of the Amsterdam UMC, formally establishing the clinical and scientific collaborations on lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) which have evolved at the Amsterdam UMC over the past decades.

As from January 2012 the Laboratory of Genetic and Metabolic Diseases has taken over the diagnostic and follow-up measurements of LSDs from the department of Medical Biochemistry. Since then SPHINX includes the departments of Radiology, Internal Medicine and Paediatrics and the Laboratory of Genetic and Metabolic Diseases.

SPHINX aims to integrate clinical, radiological and laboratory research on LSDs as well as multidisciplinary care, in order to improve diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients.


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