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Publications A. Peymani

PhD Candidate, Research Associate
Main activities
Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery / Biomedical Engineering and Physics
Focus of research

Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery / Biomedical Engineering and Physics


  • de Roo Marieke G. A., Dobbe Johannes G. G., Peymani Abbas, van der Made Anne D., Strackee Simon D., Streekstra Geert J. Accuracy of manual and automatic placement of an anatomical coordinate system for the full or partial radius in 3D space Scientific reports 2020;10 (1) [PubMed]


  • Bucknor Alexandra, Peymani Abbas, Kamali Parisa, Epstein Sherise, Chen Austin D., Bletsis Patrick, Chattha Anmol, Mathijssen Irene, Rakhorst Hinne, Lin Samuel J. International and Geographic Trends in Gender Authorship within Plastic Surgery Plastic and reconstructive surgery 2019;144 (4):1010-1016 [PubMed]
  • Peymani Abbas, Dobbe Johannes G. G., Streekstra Geert J., McCarroll Henry R., Strackee Simon D. Quantitative three-dimensional assessment of Madelung deformity Journal of hand surgery, European volume 2019;44 (10):1041-1048 [PubMed]
  • Cuccolo Nicholas G, Zwierstra Myrthe J, Ibrahim Ahmed M S, Peymani Abbas, Afshar Salim, Lin Samuel J Reconstruction of Congenital Microtia and Anotia: Analysis of Practitioner Epidemiology and Postoperative Outcomes Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open 2019;7 (6):e2318 [PubMed]
  • Egeler Sabine A., Huang Anne, Johnson Anna R., Ibrahim Ahmed, Bucknor Alexandra, Peymani Abbas, Mureau Marc A. M., Lin Samuel J. Regional incidence of and reconstructive management patterns in melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer of the head and neck: A 3-year analysis in the inpatient setting Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery 2019 [PubMed]
  • Sparenberg Sebastian, Blankensteijn Louise L., Ibrahim Ahmed M., Peymani Abbas, Lin Samuel J. Risk factors associated with the development of sepsis after reconstructive flap surgery* JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY AND HAND SURGERY 2019;53 (6):328-334 [PubMed]
  • Peymani Abbas, Johnson Anna Rose, Dowlatshahi Arriyan S., Dobbe Johannes G. G., Lin Samuel J., Upton Joseph, Streekstra Geert J., Strackee Simon D. Surgical Management of Madelung Deformity: A Systematic Review Hand (New York, N.Y.) 2019;14 (6):725-734 [PubMed]
  • Malyar Masoud, Peymani Abbas, Johnson Anna Rose, Chen Austin D., Van Der Hulst René R.W.J., Lin Samuel J. The impact of resident postgraduate year involvement in body-contouring and breast reduction procedures: A comprehensive analysis of 9638 patients Annals of plastic surgery 2019;82 (3):310-315 [PubMed]


  • Chi David, Curiel Daniel, Bucknor Alexandra, Peymani Abbas, Chattha Anmol, Chen Austin D., Bletsis Patrick, Kamali Parisa, Lin Samuel Institutional collaboration in plastic surgery research: A solution to resource limitations Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open 2018;6 (6) [PubMed]


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