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Technical Medicine/ EEG after cardiac arrest
Focus of research

 EEG, automated EEG analysis, signal analysis, prognostication after cardiac arrest


  • Admiraal Marjolein M. EEG reactivity for prognostication after cardiac arrest 2019. 177p. ISBN 9789463755511. [UvA Dissertations Online] University of Amsterdam. (Supervisors: Schultz M. J. , van Putten M. J. A. M.; Co-supervisors: Horn Johanna, van Rootselaar A. F.)
  • Admiraal Marjolein M., van Rootselaar Anne-Fleur, Hofmeijer Jeannette, Hoedemaekers Cornelia W. E., van Kaam Christiaan R., Keijzer Hanneke M., van Putten Michel J. A. M., Schultz Marcus J., Horn Janneke Electroencephalographic reactivity as predictor of neurological outcome in postanoxic coma: A multicenter prospective cohort study Annals of neurology 2019;86 (1):17-27 [PubMed]


  • Admiraal M. M., van Rootselaar A. F., Horn J. International consensus on EEG reactivity testing after cardiac arrest: Towards standardization Resuscitation 2018;131:36-41 [PubMed]


  • Admiraal M. M., van Rootselaar A.-F., Horn J. Electroencephalographic reactivity testing in unconscious patients: a systematic review of methods and definitions European journal of neurology 2017;24 (2):245-254 [PubMed]