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Education, Research
Project coordinator European projects; Teaching diversity; Qualitative studies
Focus of research

Diversity and responsive health care practices

Citation. Diversity and responsive health care practices

Goal or mission statement. This research program aims to identify and overcome barriers in care access among underserved groups (such as migrants) using a multi-disciplinary lens on theory and methodology with the ultimate aim to achieve equal access to care services for equal need.

Research themes.

Palliative care and diverse patients/clients We study how palliative care can become more diversity responsive, for example by (1) developing tools for palliative care projects to involve diverse patients and take into account the needs and practices of diverse patients and their family; (2) by studying how the concept of dignity in palliative care is defined by diverse migrant patients; (3) by evaluating training for health care professionals and medical students about palliative care to migrant patients.

Access to care for refugees and asylum seekers We study access to care, for example how to give culturally tailored information about latent tuberculosis screening for asylum seekers and refugees as well as exploring their perceptions about (latent) tuberculosis and screening. In addition, we study whether mental health care meets the needs of new migrant women.

Access to screening We study access to colorectal cancer screening for migrants and how to give culturally tailored information about screening.

Implicit bias in health care Using interviews we study the concept and impact of implicit bias in health care.

Cultural competence in medical education We develop training and study the effect of cultural competence training in medical education (e.g. the effect of training about the use of interpreters). In addition, we address cultural competencies of medical teachers, assessing their needs and develop training to meet these needs


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