The DPAC is active in research as well. Below are some of our publications on perioperative allergy.

An article with a focus on diagnostics, treatment and epidemiology of perioperative anaphylactic reactions:

A description of our experience with high-risk intravenous provocation test with muscle relaxants and a proposal for a protocol on how to implement these:

In this review, we provide an evidencebased and practical approach to patients with presumed β-lactam allergy admitted to the operating theater and give guidance on the selection of alternative antibiotics based on cross-reactivity patterns:

In this article, the EAACI Interest Group on Drug Allergy recommends drug concentration for skin testing aiming to achieve a specificity of at least 95%. It has been possible to rec-ommend specific drug concentration for multiple drugs, including betalactam antibiotics and perioperative drugs:

A description of 3 cases where drug reactions occur after the use of commonly prescribed drugs that all express as angioedema or urticaria:

A description of 3 cases where an anaphylactic reaction occurred after bladder catheterization:

Guideline on perioperative immediate hypersensitivity reactions


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