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Barrett's esophagus


  • Westra Wytske M., Lutzke Lori S., Mostafavi Nahid S., Roes Alev L., Calpe Silvia, Wang Kenneth K., Krishnadath Kausilia K. Smokeless Tobacco and Cigar and/or Pipe Are Risk Factors for Barrett Esophagus in Male Patients With Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Mayo Clinic proceedings. Mayo Clinic 2018;93 (9):1282-1289 [PubMed]


  • Timmer Margriet R., Martinez Pierre, Lau Chiu T., Westra Wytske M., Calpe Silvia, Rygiel Agnieszka M., Rosmolen Wilda D., Meijer Sybren L., ten Kate Fiebo J. W., Dijkgraaf Marcel G. W., Mallant-Hent Rosalie C., Naber Anton H. J., van Oijen Arnoud H. A. M., Baak Lubbertus C., Scholten Pieter, Böhmer Clarisse J. M., Fockens Paul, Maley Carlo C., Graham Trevor A., Bergman Jacques J. G. H. M., Krishnadath Kausilia K. Derivation of genetic biomarkers for cancer risk stratification in Barrett's oesophagus: a prospective cohort study Gut 2016;65 (10):1602-1610 [PubMed]


  • Riegert-Johnson Douglas L., Westra Wytske, Roberts Maegan High cancer risk and increased mortality in patients with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome Gut 2012;61 (2):322-323 [PubMed]


  • Dvorak Katerina, Goldman Aaron, Kong Jianping, Lynch John P., Hutchinson Lloyd, Houghton Jean Marie, Chen Hao, Chen Xiaoxin, Krishnadath Kausilia K., Westra Wytske M. Molecular mechanisms of Barrett's esophagus and adenocarcinoma Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2011;1232 (1):381-391 [PubMed]


  • Prasad Ganapathy A., Wang Kenneth K., Halling Kevin C., Buttar Navtej S., Wongkeesong Louis-Michel, Zinsmeister Alan R., Brankley Shannon M., Fritcher Emily G. Barr, Westra Wytske M., Krishnadath Kausilia K., Lutzke Lori S., Borkenhagen Lynn S. Utility of biomarkers in prediction of response to ablative therapy in Barrett's esophagus Gastroenterology 2008;135 (2):370-379 [PubMed]


  • Westra Wytske M., Kopple Joel D., Krediet Raymond T., Appell Marilyn, Mehrotra Rajnish Dietary protein requirements and dialysate protein losses in chronic peritoneal dialysis patients Peritoneal dialysis international 2007;27 (2):192-195 [PubMed]


  • van Westrhenen Roos, Westra Wytske M., van den Born Jacob, Krediet Raymond T., Keuning Eelco D., Hiralall Johan, Dragt Cindy, Hekking Liesbeth H. P. Alpha-2-macroglobulin and albumin are useful serum proteins to detect subclinical peritonitis in the rat Peritoneal dialysis international 2006;26 (1):101-107 [PubMed]


  • Westra Wytske M., Smit Watske, Zweers Machteld M., Struijk Dirk G., Krediet Raymond T. Diffusion correction of sodium sieving applicable in a peritoneal equilibration test Advances in peritoneal dialysis. Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis 2003;19:6-9 [PubMed]


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