Lia van der Hoek

Virus discovery

Research of unknown or unexpected viruses. There are patients with an “unexplained infectious disease”: a physician expects an infection by a pathogen, yet all regular diagnostic tests remain negative. Some of these diseases may be caused by unknown or unexpected viruses. These viruses are the focus of research in the group of Lia van der Hoek.

Research team

Head of the team

Lia van der Hoek

(1964) studied biochemistry at the Free University, the Netherlands. She perfomed her Ph.D. research at the University of Amsterdam (co-promotor Dr Cees J.A. Sol, promotor Prof Dr Jaap Goudsmit). Since 2006 she is associate professor. She leads her own research group at the Amsterdam UMC as PI and coordinates a Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN.

Team members
  • Martin Deijs. Research technician. Virus discovery, seasonal coronaviruses.
  • Maarten F Jebbink. Research technician. Virus discovery, serology.
  • M. Ferdy Sechan. PhD student. Virus host interactions of newly discovered viruses.
  • Joanna Kaczorowska. PhD student. Orphan viruses, a healthy virome.
  • Alba Folgueiras Gonzalez. PhD student. Novel viruses in animal disease.
  • Cormac Kinsella. PhD student. Virome characteristics and disease.
  • Kinga P. Böszörményi. PhD student. Pathogenic potential of novel emerging flaviviruses.
  • Arthur Edridge. PhD student. Encephalopathies in children in resource poor countries.
  • Anne Timmerman. PhD student. Anelloviruses and their interaction with the host
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