Advanced qPCR (AMC PhD Program)

Information about the course Advanced qPCR.

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This course teaches experienced users of quantitative PCR how to set-up and perform a qPCR experiment: from primer design till the analysis of the amplification data.


    The course runs twice a year on three consecutive days in the AMC. A typical course day runs from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs and consists of lectures, hands-on computer exercises and a laboratory practical.

    Scheduled dates:

    • 01 thru 06 October, 2020 (canceled).
    • 04 thru 09 February 2021.


      The course covers the complete pipeline for carrying out a quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction experiment. The participants will attend lectures on basics on RT-qPCR (the wet work), mathematics and statistics, bias introduced by reporting of Cq values, the need to include PCR efficiencies in the analysis, te use of the LinRegPCR analysis program, primer design, selecting and using reference genes, removal of between-plate variation and reporting qPCR data.

      These lectures will be illustrated by hands-on computer exercises on primer design, analysis of amplification curves, removal of systematic between-plate variation, handling of missing and discordant data and graphical presentation of the final data. In a laboratory expericment the participants will pipet two PCR plates. To summarize the entire qPCR pipeline we will analyze these plates, correct the between-plate variation and discuss the observed results.

      Target audience:

      AMC PhD candidates. Experience with qPCR experiments, basic knowledge of molecular biology (DNA, primers, PCR) and basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required.


        The course is given in English.


        To qualify for the certificate, a participant must attend all lectures and hands-on exercises. Attendance will be registered.

        Study load:

        20 hours, which is comparable to 0.7 ECTS points.

        Number of participants:

        Maximum 20 per course.


        No charge for registered AMC PhD candidates. Employees of the AMC or AMC Medical Research BV can participate provided slots are available. All other participants are charged a fee of 750 euro.

        Course coordinators:

        More information:

        From the course coordinator or AMC Graduate School / / room E2-172 / tel. +31 (0)20 - 566 4618.


        AMC Graduate School
        Tel: +31 (0)20 - 566 3108