AMC PhD Scholarships

The AMC offers PhD Scholarships to excellent students who have recently completed or will soon complete their studies at Master’s level.

AMC PhD Scholarships 2020

In 2020, six AMC PhD Scholarships are awarded to excellent students in Medicine, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Sciences or Social Sciences. The AMC PhD scholarships are financed from core government funding and cover the cost of a four-year appointment as Research Trainee (Onderzoeker in Opleiding) at the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, including a small bench fee.

Closed for applications.

The deadline for applications is June 1rst 23:59, 2020.


  • You hold a degree in Medicine (MD or MSc) or a master in Medical Informatics from the AMC/UvA, which you obtained after January 1, 2019 or will obtain before January 1, 2021.


  • You hold an MD or MSc degree from another faculty or university, which you obtained after January 1, 2019 or will obtain before January 1, 2021, and you have taken a student research placement (wetenschappelijke stage, scriptie or werkstuk) at the Faculty of Medicine UvA, or affiliated research institutes NKI, Sanquin, NIN-KNAW, or GGD Amsterdam as part of your curriculum, for which you obtained a good mark.

And all of the following

  • You have explicit agreement from an AMC/UvA professor to act as your PhD supervisor (promotor).
  • Your research will be mainly done in the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, or in an AMC affiliated research institute (see above) (at least 75% of the time).
  • Your research will lead to a PhD dissertation to be defended at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam.
  • You are able to start to work on your PhD project not later than March 1, 2021.

We also expect you to be able to attend the Awards Session on June 16, 2020, where the AMC PhD Scholarship 2020 winners will be announced.


To apply for an AMC PhD scholarship, you must submit the following documents, in this order:

  • a letter explaining your reasons for applying and how you fulfil the requirements (in English);
  • the AMC PhD Scholarship Application Form 2020, including your research proposal and a financial paragraph (the supervisor department's AMR consultant can assist you);
  • your curriculum vitae, including the course transcript of your Master’s degree or equivalent (cijferlijst) issued by the faculty student administration, and a list of your publications;
  • written confirmation from your intended PhD supervisor (promotor) that he or she is willing to act in that capacity.

The research proposal can be prepared jointly with your intended PhD supervisor, who must sign it for approval. The form includes a description of your research project, the name of the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC department at which you will perform your work, the name of the PhD supervisor, and a budget with the estimated total costs of your research, including the proportions to be met from the scholarship and from elsewhere, such as the department or external sources.

The AMC PhD Scholarship is a personal grant. If the PhD candidate leaves the AMC or abandons the approved research before the end of the contract term, the scholarship lapses.


Deadline for application of digital proposal is Monday June 1st, 2020, at 23.59 hrs. Hard copies should also be delivered in person or by mail before the end of June 1st 2020, at 23.59. Please note: on June 1st our Office is closed, because of Pentecost. You can leave your hard copies on the trolly outside our office at your own risk.
Proposals should be sent by e-mail (as a single *.pdf file) to Mrs. J.G.M. Stolwijk, plus six hard copies to be delivered to the address below (printed on both sides).

More information

J.G.M. Stolwijk
Director AMC Graduate School
E2 - 164
+31 20 566 8235
P.O. Box 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit the application form and other requested documents as one (PDF) file or as separate files?

As one PDF file, with all documents in the requested order (see Call for proposals).

Do I have to send in the complete application as paper copies?

Yes, all documents have to be submitted in paper as well as electronically, in six-fold, and in the order as requested.

Does the reference list counts for the approximate number of words or pages in the brief description of the research proposal in the application form?

The maximum number of words and pages is meant as an indication rather than a hard requirement. Please try to keep within these limits.

Should the application form be filled out in English?


Do I have to send in the course transcripts (cijferlijst) of my 'doctoraal' grades or of my clinical internships?

The course transcripts of your master's degree or 'doctoraal' study (old style) are relevant for your AMC PhD Scholarship application, so you should send those in any case.

When are the interviews with the AMC PhD candidates planned?
Can I apply if I am abroad during the weeks of the interviews?

Yes, provided that you are online available at the time of the appointment. We will try to set up an online meeting.

How much funding is available for an AMC PhD Scholarship?

€ 216k for 4 years.

The AMR can help making an estimate of the costs.

Can I apply if I finished my most recent master study before January 1, 2019?
No, the AMC PhD Scholarships are meant for students who graduated between January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2021 only.
Do I have to use a prescribed letter type and size in the application form?
AMC PhD Scholarship winners
2019 Felipe Correa da Silva, Tijmen van Dam, David Langerhuizen, Marieke Mens, Job Saris, David Trampert
2018 Fons van den Berg, Alex Cloherty, Rosalie Linssen, Joost Offerhaus, Rhiannon Robke, Margo Slomp
2017 Ana Chumbe Mendoza, Yousif Dawood, Arthur Edridge, Diederik Koelman, Abbas Peymani, Jelle van Schooten
2016 Maartje Dijkstra, Tjitske van Engelen, Sander Garrelfs, Simei Go, Stijn de Jonge, Anne van der Made, Bram Priem
2015 Emma Birnie, Doortje Horjus, Annemijn de Ruigh, Wouter Smit, Josephine Tan, Jentien Vermeulen
2014 Paul ten Berg, Marjolein van den Boogert, Joyce Buikhuisen, Arwen Gao, Sophie Horbach, Merel Koopmans, Jonathan van der Meer
2013 Arno Commandeur, Myrtille Gumbs, Laura Kox, Remco Molenaar, Nienke van Teijlingen, Ruben Terlou
2012 Julian van Capelleveen, Iliana Chatzispyrou, Marijn Gillissen, Anne Jansen, Svitlana Podliesna, Alexander de Porto, Laura Schouten, Anne van der Spek
2011 Jeroen Coumou, Lisa Eurelings, Evelyn Fessler, Rowan van Golen, Maarten van den Hoogenhof, Stijntje Hibender, Brenda Kazemier, Roel Mocking, Troy Noordenbos, Joëlle Oosterman, Mathilde Rivaud, Monique Walenkamp
2010 Adam Ahmad Anas, Merih Irem Baharoglu, Lieuwe Bos, Judith van der Harg, Katja de Jong, Maaike Hoekstra, Michel Hof, Wouter Mallee, Marieke Schooneman, Sacha de Stoppelaar, Kei Mee Wong
2009 Nadiya Atai, Tijmen Hommes, Daan aan de Kerk, Lucas Maillette de Buy Wenniger, Ingrid van Rijsingen, Maria Cristina Rolandi, Joy Vroemen, Evelien Zoons
2008 Thomas Dorlo, Justus Groen, Emily Kleinrouweler, Anja van der Laan, Mandy Lauw, Miriam van Lieshout, Yasmin Namavar, Jurgen Piet
2007 Elsmarieke van de Giessen, Jeroen Ludikhuize, Jacqueline Siljee, Matthijs Welkers
2006 Ahmad Amin, Abdennasser Bardai, Kristel Kemper, Paul Klarenbeek, Sandra van der Salm, Suthesh Sivapalaratnam

Contact information


Janine Stolwijk
AMC location: E2-164
T: +31 20 566 8235