DNA Technology (AMC PhD Program)

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This course will train the participant both practically and theoretically in techniques for the isolation, manipulation and analysis of DNA.


    This intensive five­-day course is given once or twice a year and runs for a full week (Monday to Friday, 9.00 ­- 17.30 hrs).

    The ratio of practical to theory work is about 60:40. Participants receive a course manual describing the experimental protocols, as well as the theoretical background to the experimental steps. The theory component includes short lectures and self-training sessions using video demonstrations and computer simulation programs. Seminars on related subjects are also provided.

    Scheduled dates:

    • March 16 thru 20, 2020.


      Nowadays, ready­-to­-use kits are available for many of the experimental steps involved. In many instances however, these are used incorrectly by inexperienced research scientists. This course provides participants with background information, a feel for the pitfalls, and ‘hands­-on’ experience in a number of important experimental steps in DNA technology.

      The subjects covered are:

      1. Amplification of DNA by PCR.
      2. Gene isolation and cloning.
      3. DNA isolation, restriction and analysis by gel electrophoresis.
      4. DNA labelling techniques.
      5. CRISPR/Cas9.
      6. Real-Time Quantitative PCR.
      7. Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA).
      8. Nucleotide sequence analysis.
      9. DNA databases and DNA database searching.

      The course is organized by the AMC Department of Medical Biochemistry, with members of its scientific staff providing the lectures and practical assistance to participants. Other departments, such as Bio-Informatics and the Neurogenetics Laboratory, are collaborating in specific subject areas.

      Target audience:

      AMC PhD candidates with a life ­sciences or medical science degree and some basic knowledge of cell­ and molecular biology. Some basic experience with laboratory work is a must.


        The course is given in English and/or Dutch. Papers are in English.


        To qualify for the certificate, a participant must attend all lectures and workshops, and complete all assignments satisfactorily. Attendance is registered.

        Study load:

        60 hours, which is comparable to 2.1 ECTS points.

        Number of participants:

        Maximum 8 per course.


        No charge for registered AMC PhD candidates, and employees of the AMC or AMC Medical Research BV. Other participants are charged a fee of 750 euro (non-­profit sector) or 1,500 euro (commercial sector).

        Please note that this course requires considerable investment of time and money, including the purchase of expensive chemicals. For that reason, the expenses incurred will be charged to the participant in the event of cancellation within two weeks prior to the start of the course.

        Course coordinators:

        More information:

        From the course coordinator or AMC Graduate School / graduateschool@amc.uva.nl / room E2-172 / tel. +31 (0)20 - 566 4618.


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